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Project Glitz’s Green Home: We Getting Our Very Own HDB Flat !!!

We made a recent trio down to HDB hub to check out the upcoming HDB BTO sales launch and showroom flats but there isn’t much information on the upcoming sales launch except for the location and the number of units available. I think we both have reached the stage of settling down together to move forward to the next stage in life which involves getting a flat together. It’s funny how we need to worry about the flat first before marriage but that’s how things work in Singapore. The new flats takes about 3 to 4 years to build so we need to ballot for the flats first way before we plan to get married. In a a sense, getting a flat together is a way of asking for a marriage proposal. As unromantic as it sounds, it is necessary and practical. Nevertheless, it is still exciting to plan our new home together.

The upcoming HDB sales launch is in November and we are looking at the flats in Kallang Estate. We have placed our faith in God and we hope for the best in getting our new home. In addition to that, I also intend to build a green home with eco-friendly and sustainable features and hopefully, it would set an example for the others to set-up their own green homes too!

Below are some pictures taking when we visited ‘ My Nice Home Gallery’ at HDB Hub. It is worth going down just to see how the actual size of flats are.

At this point, we would just need to apply the HDB Housing Loan eligibility online and then wait for November to come so that we can ballot for a flat!










Keeping our fingers crossed! If you are looking for a new home too, hope you find this blog post and video useful!

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