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Over the years, I came to realise that the worst thing you can do to your skin is not about skipping sunblock or any skincare routine but it is about using the wrong skincare products. Using skincare products that don’t suit your skin type can potentially cause your skin to have breakouts, upsetting the skin balance which creates even more problems on your skin. 

While diet, food choices and other external factors can also affect your skin condition, nothing beats the fact when you use products like makeup foundation or sunblock that causes blockage of your pores. I’ve learnt several painful lessons over the years while experimenting different skincare products but to find one product that suits you takes time as you needed to try them out. But I always find that clinical or pharmaceutical-grade skincare products are the safest bet as they contain the essential active ingredients to remedy any skin condition and often omit the use of fragrances.  

Recently, I came across our home-grown brand The Face Inc which is presently one of the fastest-growing and most dynamic skincare companies in Asia that offer a skincare range comprising of 16 products, that is of near pharmaceutical grade. And if you are clueless about which products to get, ask Dr.Rei.

Who’s Dr.Rei? 

Doctor Rei is an interactive skin doctor at The Face Inc who analyses your skin condition and needs through a systematic mapping platform. Upon completion of your individual diagnosis through a detailed online questionnaire, a personalised skincare regime will be prescribed for your skin condition. I guess that this would be a more accurate of finding out about your skin condition as most of us are unsure if our skin is dry, dehydrated or just oily due to the dryness of our skin. 

And to start my skin prescription, I just enter their website and click ‘Get Prescription’ under the Experience tab. 

It’s great that the consultation is free because you would often have to pay for prescription fees if you visit an aesthetic clinic or dermatologist during skin treatments. In addition, you can now get your prescription online without have to see the doctor at the clinic itself.

The skin analysis took about 3 minutes or so and once completed, I got my skin prescription ready and I can choose which skincare products I needed from the recommended selection of the products. As of now, I do have some skin blemishes and I also require a product for evening out my skin tone. But more importantly, I wanted to treat my skin blemishes first and Dr.Rei has recommended the following products for me to try.


The delivery of the products was prompt and I received it within a few days after ordering it online. All the products come in sizes of 50ml or 30ml bottles which I find it great because you don’t really need alot of the product. Besides, your skin condition might change after a period of time and you might need another form of products. I also like the fact that the product itself are stored in clear containers so that you can see through. The ingredient list could also be found at the back of the bottle. From cleansing gels, toner to sunscreen, they got my skincare regime all covered. 


1. Cleansing Gel (50ml)

I was given their cleansing gel for gentle exfoliation for deep cleansing as well as for the maintenance of pH balance. My only qualms about their cleansing gel are the presence of Sodium Laureth Sulfate and Fragrance. This explains why the cleansing gel is a little soapy and can be somewhat drying for my skin which is already very dry. Perhaps, it could be meant for those with really oily skin.


2. Active Toner (50ml)

The active toner is an alcohol-free fluid to maintain pH balance and restore moisture. However, it also contains fragrance though the formula didn’t really have a scent. Perhaps it is just added there to neutralize any unpleasant scents of the formula itself. But nonetheless, I find the toner suited for my skin as it not too drying and it preps my skin for the next step of my skincare regime.

3. Blemish Essence (30 ml)

This essence helps loosens the follicular plugs and reduces sebaceous activity.  Its active ingredients such as salicylic acid and castor oil which are great for acne-prone skin. I find that the blemish essence also helps to soften the skin which makes it easier for any follicular plugs to be removed from the pores. 

4. Blemish Concentrate (30ml)

This is a formulation to reduce the occurence of blemishes and breakouts. It controls excessive sebum production and soothes irritated skin. I believe that this is the type of concentrate which my skin needs to help me control the oocurence of comedones in my skin. However, since this is a concentrate, the consistency is quite thick and it does leave a little sticky feel on my skin after application. Sometimes during the day, I would actually skip this product after applying the blemish essence. 

5. Cell Renewal (30ml)

It stimulates cell renewal and comedolytic action. It also reduces fine lines and evens skin tone. I find that this is a great addition to the series of products for blemished skin because this product also aids in skin recovery and it is often left out in those brands that often acne skincare products. 

6. Lightener (30 ml )

The lightener would help reduce pigmentation and melanin patches. It also helps to reduce the appearances of skin blemishes. It has this milky consistency which can leave a slight sticky-feel so I tend to use it sparingly. I tend to use it only during nighttime as I did like the feeling of having so many products piled onto my face during the day. 

7. UV Defense SPF 50 NonTinted

In the questionnaire, they would ask if you prefer a tinted or a non-tinted one. I went for the non-tinted one as I didn’t require any form of coverage in my sunscreen. It is more of a cream-lotion type of formula and not the gel-based type which I prefer. But at least, the sunscreen is light and non-sticky. 


These products are formulated in France but manufactured in Malaysia as stated on their packaging. I would say that their products range is rather comprehensive and can great for those who needed a little help in treating their skin problems using more targeted skincare products that actually addresses their skin concerns. I personally recommended their Blemish Essence and Cell Renewal which are more targeted products for blemished skin and not many skincare brands carry these active formulas of products. 

Finding a product that suits you is like finding a soulmate but once you do, your skin will thank you. And sometimes all you need is a right moisturiser, essence or serum to help heal or maintain your skin condition. Less is always more.

Face Inc. products are also available at all Sasa Cosmetics outlets listed here. So if you ran out of a certain Face Inc. product, you can get it directly from Sasa.

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