The High-Speed Vortex Blender

I finally understood why it is worth investing in a powerful high-speed vortex blender can perform 15 functions. I thought I wouldn’t need such a powerful blender at home since I need to blend things in a huge bulk. I’m always satisfied with my mini blender that is powerful enough to make smoothies but not nice-cream or sorbets. But after using this so-called hurricane blender, I just can’t stop using it. It’s the best kitchen gadget I’ve ever received. 

It’s the Optimum 9400 high-speed vortex blender which is sold at Froothie. Such high-speed vortex blender costs several times more than those conventional blenders so I always think that it is not worth investing in such a powerful blender since I don’t really need one. But now that I use the blender more regularly to make smoothies and juices, I felt that the Optimum blender is a better fit for me in my current situation. At least I could use this machine for a really long time since it has a 10- year warranty.

I’ve heard about other brands of high-speed vortex blender like Blendtec and Vitamix but I personally have not tried them before. However, Froothie did a comparison of Vitamix and Optimum and listed down the differences. The most striking difference is the number of blades. Optimum 9400 has got 6 blades while Vitamix has got only 4 blades. I learnt that the newer models of the blenders today also has a 6 blade assembly. And with a 6 blade assembly, it can certainly blend up the food into liquid form in a shorter amount of time.


When the Optimum blender arrived, I really thought that it was going to take up alot of space in the kitchen but it is quite compact though it is pretty heavy I must say. The blender comes with a manual, recipe book by Froothie and one nutmilk bags. Yes, you can now make nutmilk easily with this blender than can ground the nuts to fine particles. But I have a easier way to teach you how to make nutmilk in a shorter amount of time and without having to use the nutmilk bag.


This recipe book is pretty awesome as it shows you how to make a variety of meals using the blender. You can make smoothies, soups, and ice creams at home for the family.

Optimum 9400 blender comes with: 
  • Free Nut Milk Bag
  • International Warranty
  • Access to expert support team
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • 104-page comprehensive hard-copy recipe book
  • Wet and dry multi-purpose 6-blade stainless steel assembly
  • Heavy duty tamper tool for improved processing and mixing
  • UL, CE and FDA approved Eastman Tritan Copolyester BPA Free jug with lid and cap

Advantages of using Optimum 9400

  • The user is able to adjust the power settings.
  • The motor in the base does not get very hot. 
  • It is quite quiet and does not produce much noise.
  • You can easily make banana nice-cream in seconds. 
  • Relatively easy to rinse off the waste during washing.
  • Wires can be neatly coiled around the base of the machine.
  • Powerful blender which can crush frozen fruits in a few seconds.
  • It is able to do dry blending with the addition of water or milk to blend. 

Disadvantages of using Optimum 9400

  • The base is heavy due to the motor.
  • It is several times more expensive than a conventional blender.
  • It can be quite bulky and is way bigger than a conventional blender.

A Closer Look at The Optimum 9400 Blender


The blender also comes with this tool which if I am not wrong, it is used to unscrew the portion with the blade assembly attached to the plastic jug.


This heavy duty base is designed to insulate the motor so it doesn’t get very hot and it also provides a quiet experience for the user. I really appreciate this feature as some blenders and juicers can produce a lot of unpleasant noises and it isn’t a very good idea to use them in the morning when everyone is still asleep.

Once the switch is on, you can choose the pulse setting mode for chopping purposes especially if you want to control the grinding process. For instance, if you just want your soup to be very chunky, then you should use to pulse mode in order to control the consistency of your soup.

To power up the blender, you can turn up the dial to make the motor turn faster and it grinds up the food even quicker. I really like that fact that you can control the power, from a low power mode all the way to a high power mode.


The lit is easy to detach from the jug itself and it comes with another small lid cover to cover the hole.


The tamper is especially useful when you are doing dry blending which no liquid is added so it does make blending a little more challenging. However, with the tamper, you can improved the processing and mixing of the thicker ingredients such as making sorbet from frozen fruits. I have not tried making fruit sorbets yet but I’m excited to try it soon. Do check out my Instagram for more recipes using this blender.


It is super easy to mount the jug onto the heavy duty base and I really like that the area in contact with the jug is rubber padded and I guess that’s how they reduce the noise level produced by the blender.


The 2.4-litre jug is huge enough to make a smoothie for up to 4 people depending on your serving size. The plastic is sturdy enough and it also made the jug much lighter. The previous blender I was using is made out glass which is so much heavier and of course, more fragile.


The 6-blade stainless steel assembly aids in chopping and grinding the food more effectively. I believe that it can easily double up as a food processor too. Another important thing to mention is the placement of the blades. Noticed that it is about 2 inches above the base of the jug? It just makes cleaning so much easier because in most conventional blenders, the blade assembly attached so closely to the base and it difficult to remove the food substances stuck beneath the blade unless you  use a brush to remove it.


So how powerful does this blender gets?


My jaw dropped when I first started using this blender with the whole frozen banana thrown into it. The frozen banana, along with the fruits, were all crushed up within 2 seconds, right before my eyes. I reckon that it could also crush my iPhone if I drop it in by accident.


I am so motivated to make my very own smoothie bowls in the morning, knowing that it is so much easier and quickly to blend the frozen fruits together. The machine is quiet too so you can use it even in the middle of the night if you would like to make a banana smoothie just before going to bed.


Acai berry bowls are the trendiest healthy food right now and it is so easy to make them. In the blender, I put half a red dragonfruit, one kiwi, 1 frozen banana, 100ml of soymilk and 2 tablespoons of acai berry powder. As for the toppings, I use some blueberries, golden berries, coconut flakes, white chia seeds, paleo cereal and seed mix with some slices of red dragonfruit. 

The second recipe which I would like to share with you guys is this no-brainer nut milk. It doesn’t require you to buy the raw almonds or cashews. It also doesn’t require you to filter the milk with the nut milk bag to remove the sold remains. This method of mine saves you time. What’s the trick?

To make nut milk, I just purchase a jar of pure nut butter and blend it with water, some honey and cinnamon. Voilà!

And because the blade is so sharp and powerful, it literally grinds the nut chunks in the butter to finer particles. But of course, if you prefer a smooth nut milk, you will still have to filter it through the nut milk bag. But for me, I am happy with the blended up nut butter with water.


Initially, when you first blend the mixture together, it will notice that the mixture is still rather brown. But if you turn up the power settings and allow the mixture to blend for a couple more minutes, the mixture will turn whitish and creamy. You will also see a layer of froth.


Look at that creaminess in the nut milk!


If you would like to share more recipes using the blender, leave a comment right below or check out my Instagram page for more healthy recipes.

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Keep blending, glitzies!

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