Great skin starts from deep within. I would suppose that if you are given a clean bill of health, your organ systems would be functioning well. You will look and feel great too. However, if internally you are unwell, it would reflect on your skin. That is why whenever I am under great stress, ate unhealthily or facing a lack of sleep, the signs and symptoms of body imbalances would show on my skin. In other words, your skin is a reflection of your internal well-being.
That is why I am starting to pay a little more attention to the products I’ve been using on my skin, making sure that it doesn’t contain any other unnecessary chemicals which might be detrimental to my overall health. As a rule of thumb, I tend to go for products with a list of safe ingredients which I am aware of its properties. Even when it comes to facials too, it is good to know the products that the beauty salons are using because you will never know if it contains ingredients which you might be allergic too.
If your skin is sensitive and you tend to suffer from skin allergies, it’s best to go for organic facials that use natural ingredients which are often more calming for the skin. A reputable organic spa which you should check out is Ecorganics. It is a green concept hair and beauty salon which is located at Upper Thomson Road, Singapore.
As I started to frequent more of such beauty salons, I noticed that such salon has got their own practices and beliefs when it comes to skincare. The previous organic salon I went to focuses a lot on facial extractions. But over here at Ecorganics, their focus is less so on extractions but more on the quality of organic products used and its application. They rely more on the efficacy of the organic products to bring about the long-lasting benefits to the skin. They also advocate conscious beauty which is being aware of the beauty products that you are using and finding out the impacts they have on our environment. For instance, are the products you are using contribute to more wastage to the Earth? Do your products contain substances like microbeads which might eventually get washed off into the sea and affect marine life? These are just some of the issues that also concerns me.
Their organic hair salon is housed on the first-storey while the facial treatment rooms are found on the second floor. It’s good that everything is housed under one beauty center so that you can get your hair and face done on the same day.
You might have a long day at work and the best way to really pamper yourself is to go for a relaxing facial therapy or massage to rejuvenate yourself. Going for facials is therapeutic because not only your skin is treated, you also get to enjoy some ‘me’ time where you simply zone out from the daily activities and just relaxed while resting to allow someone else to revive your skin.
At Ecorganics, the atmosphere is very calming and there are crystals placed in the salon to attracts the positive energy into our surroundings. I was served with a glass of ‘crystal’ water while I fill up the customer particulars form.
While waiting for my beauty therapist, Crystalz, to get ready, I started to explore the lounge area where there are many beauty products on displayed. They sell organic skincare products and organic makeup products from Reflections too! Over here, they use Phyt’s, a certified organic brand of beauty products from France. I guess the reason why they chose to use Phyt’s products is because Phyt’s uses only plants that are grown in complete sustainable agriculture, which is in line with the green concept of sustainable living. In addition, Phyt’s has received the ECOCERT’s highest level of organic cosmetic certification, the COSMEBIO label. Not many organic beauty brands carry this label due to the stringent quality standards and checks. Even the source of your organic ingredients must come from organic agriculture.
After a short discussion about my skin condition with my therapists, I decided to go for Phyt’s Soin Energie Vitale treatment to calm and soothe the redness on my combination skin. The products in used for this facial are stored in glass vials and a set of these products are to be used within one facial treatment. Before the treatment, the therapist would open the packaging right in front of you and show you the broken and empty glass vials for the sake of accountability.
In each set, there is a facial cleanser, facial toner, 2 types of facial serum, facial mask and facial moisturizer. The active ingredient in Phyt’s Soin Energie Vitale is Chlorophyll which helps to revitalize and energizes the skin. Chlorophyll itself has natural anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial and wound healing properties which are great for acne-prone skin.
Their treatment also infuses aromatherapy. I was asked to choose my favorite essential oils out of the collection of essentials oils they have as they are going to diffuse the whole room from the scent using the diffuser.
I was glad that I’ve chosen lavender. Smelling something pleasant sets me in a better mood throughout the facial therapy. It’s amazing how aromas can affect our mood in an instant. It is also important that you are not intoxicating your olfactory system with overpowering scents as it can cause headache and other side effects. It just defeats the purpose of using aromatherapy to calm your nerves. A couple of drops of essential oil is all you need to perfume the whole room, as what Crystalz has shared with me.
Currently, there are two treatment rooms and the one I was assigned to was HUGE. When the room is spacious, you will feel less confined and psychologically, less tense and anxious. The temperature was just about right and the treatment bed was comfortable. My body deserved that good rest!
During the facial, Crystalz was very gentle and careful with my skin at each step. She would take the time to massage the serums into my skin so that all the essences from Mother Earth is locked into my skin.  It is ultra important for the therapists to massage the product in gently as this is one of the ways to drive in all the beneficial active ingredients into the skin.
She also did some extractions just to remove any white or blackheads but it wasn’t too intensive. Thankfully, my skin isn’t really red after the facial and I love how my skin felt so much more plump and lifted after the facial. Anyway, your skin feels great after every facial but the only difference here is I knew that all the ingredients which are in contact with my skin comes from natural sources and are obtained through eco-friendly means.
I would definitely do more of such conscious beauty facials in future.
1 Thomson Ridge
Singapore 574633
Tel:  +65 6556 0521 (Hair services)
+65 6556 4787 (Beauty services)


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