Nature’s Glory : Why Organic?

Why Organic?
Organic products are priced higher than non-organic products. Some sources are claiming that organic-labelled food products aren’t 100% organic and natural. There aren’t many options when it comes to organic food products. So, why choose organic?

I got to understand a lot more about organic food through Nature’s Glory organic workshop which took place a week ago. One of the takeaways I garnered is how organically-grown plants are naturally able to defend on its own against pathogens and insects. They secrete secondary metabolites which help in building up their self-defense mechanism against any form of attacks. And when we consume them, we not only gain nutrients from the plants itself but also the secondary metabolites which help defend our bodies against illnesses. Thus, our immunity system is further strengthened when we consume organic plants. And these plant defence substances are probably lacking in non-organic GMO foods since pesticides and artificial chemicals are used to help defend the plants instead. Every time when we try to use our human intelligence to improve lives, we somehow override the law of nature and ended up offsetting the balance in our body and environment.

These are messages that the world really needs to know  because we shouldn’t be following health foodies and eat organic food just because it is trendy or ‘Insta-worthy’. Rather, we should be educated and conscious about making the right food choices which could either bring about positive or negative impacts to ourselves and the environment. Choosing organic food is more than just staying healthy. It’s all about enjoying naturally-grown food produce which is already made perfect in every way by God to nourish and heal us.

And thank goodness, it is not difficult to find organic produce here in Singapore.

You can now get organic fresh produce and packaged food from various health food stores here in Singapore. And one of the reliable organic retailers here in Singapore is Nature’s Glory. They have been around in Singapore since 1991- way before the health food trend has started here in Singapore.

They are very prudent and stringent in their food checks and tests to ensure that the products they carry met the independent organic certifications from recognised world bodies like the National Association for Sustainable Agriculture, Australia ( NASAA). It’s the first time I’ve heard about a company that actually conducts their own food tests to ensure that their organic products meet international organic standards set by Japan, Europe, USA and Australia.

At Nature’s Glory, you can find organic and macrobiotic foods, health supplements, ionic water systems and beauty products.

We had red bean popsicles made with their Bonsoy milk after trying out their curry with vermicelli.
They also had a coffee machine where they served us soy lattes!
After the sharing done by the founders, I asked if they could do a water test on the water which I consume daily to check out for the percentage of oxygen as well as the hydrogen levels since we were told to bring our own water for a test.
Normal tap water has around 50% of dissolved oxygen and the filtered water which I obtained from home is slightly more oxygenated than that. But if you use their ionic water systems at Nature’s Glory, the filtered water has around 80% of dissolved oxygen! Okay, my current water filter system is a keeper.Drinking oxygenated water is beneficial for the body because essentially, what keeps us alive is oxygen. The growth of cancer cells and other illnesses can be prevented when there is sufficient oxygen in your body.

We had a short tour around their outlet which sells a variety of organic food stuff at affordable prices. Here’s the fresh produce section where they sell organic fresh produce which is airflow weekly.
There’s also a section on organic dairy products like yoghurt, eggs and milk.
It’s almost like an organic mart here with the variety of food they carry – from organic rice, grains, milk, sauces, spices, candies to snacks and beauty products. Some of the products here are sold at iHerb. So if you want to get shop for these organic products from a physical store instead, you can head over to Nature’s Glory.
Dr Bronner’s products are also available here and the range is pretty extensive! I’ve heard about Dr Bronner’s products but I have not tried it personally. If you have, let me know which product I should try!
To play a part to save the earth, they also allow consumers to refill their used bottle of Dr Bronner’s soap to reduce plastic waste. It is a good initiative which I feel that supermarkets should start to carry it out as well.
I’ve yet to try out all of their products there but if I were to head back to the store again, I would stock up on Bonsoy which is a non-dairy organic soymilk made from non-GMO soybeans. It doesn’t have that strong bean flavour which most soybean milk would have. So what you get is this thick lactose-free milk that has a very mild soy flavour which is a great alternative to cow’s milk. It is only slightly sweetened with natural tapioca syrup which doesn’t affect much of the taste of the soymilk.
I tried using Bonsoy in my Apple Carob steel-cut oat porridge and it turns out to be very creamy!
And if you are swinging by their shop, don’t miss out this promotion below!
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