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While aesthetic centers in Singapore are on the rise, I am also starting to notice a trend towards natural therapies which mainly incorporates Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) methods to improve overall health and wellness. They believe that when your body is healthy within, you will naturally have better skin and look good physically. Given a choice, I would choose natural therapies because they are safer, painless and often doesn’t have any side effects. Though it might take quite a while for one to experience the positive effects of such natural therapies, it’s still worth it knowing that the benefits are long-lasting or even permanent.
I was invited to try out such natural therapies at Optimal Wellness which is the state of the art integrated wellness center. Their treatments serve to  eliminate toxins and rejuvenate body systems to bring it back to balance through Physiological Regulating Medicine, Homeopathy, Nutrition, Herbal &Functional Medicine and Aromatherapy. They also provide traditional Chinese treatment remedies for an all-natural alternative to their treatments.
It is located at Bugis Village, facing right opposite Bugis Junction. You probably wouldn’t have noticed it as it is located on the second floor.


The founder of Optimal Wellness is Merlyn Yip who started this business due to her grandmother’s unfortunate diagnosis of ovarian cancer. She was inspired to go into natural therapy after witnessing her grandmother who suffered from cancer. Optimal Wellness first started as a private practice in 2006 and today, it has two outlets in Singapore.
The wellness center offers a plethora of services, including weight management, aesthetic treatments, pain management, detox, and more. Optimal Wellness also provides customers traditional Chinese treatment remedies for an all-natural alternative to their available treatments.
Before my treatment began, Merlyn ran a comprehensive health diagnosis test for me using the
Quantum Magnetic Resonant Health Analyzer. I was told to grab hold of the metal hand piece and through this tool, it would be able to take readings which could determine if I face any nutrient deficiencies or body imbalance which led to some discomfort or problems which I am currently facing. 
Prior to this, I am more or less aware of my current body condition and knew very well what my health problems are. I have indigestion problems coupled with irregular bowel movements and water retention problems which probably caused me to a bloated tummy. But from the diagnosis, Merlyn was able to highlight to me these possible problems which I am facing based on the readings. With that, I am assured that the diagnostic tool is pretty accurate.
She recommended that I try out the moxibustion treatments on my stomach first as it is more important to keep my digestive system functioning healthily again. So I spend the next hour in their treatment room to try out the treatment.
It’s not my first time trying moxibustion before and it is one of the best and painless TCM treatment which I’ve tried. The Imperial Earth moxa therapy (stomach) I’ve tried includes gua sha, moxibustion, and lymphatic drainage massage. 
As usual, there would be some pain involved during Gua sha especially when there’s a block or clog within your body systems. Apparently, my stools are all stuck in my guts and it is all trapped in my body which explains why my stomach is constantly bulging out and bloated. And gua sha helps to loosen up those stools and activate the flow of ‘qi’ throughout the body. 
This is followed by moxibustion which involves the burning of moxa near the skin above the meridian points to stimulate the flow of ‘qi’. I enjoyed doing moxibustion because of its immense benefits but it must be done by an experienced professional because the last thing you wish for is for the burning moxa to scald you. Sometimes, ashes from the moxa may fall onto your skin which had happened once to me. Thankfully, it didn’t leave any mark on my skin but nonetheless, I make it a point to ask for a more experienced therapist to do it for me. 
Here at Optimal Wellness, I was assured that the therapists here are experienced and Merlyn, herself, is skillful carrying the moxa therapy for her clients who also gain tremendous improvements in their health and wellness.
My stomach was already starting to bloat less after the treatment and I felt lighter after the moxa treatment. Indeed, the next day, I visited the toilet to let it all out. Though there wasn’t much to excrete, it felt good that the body is finally eliminating waste and toxins. I guess my body has been accumulating too much of these waste which causes an imbalance to my health. Even my acne has started to come back and the breakouts are getting worse each time.
And of course, such natural therapies needed time to heal, unlike western medicine which also suppresses the symptoms but not exactly treating the root of the problem. If you have a health concern which has been bothering you, you might want to consider such form of natural therapy.
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Optimal Wellness
249A Victoria Street (Bugis Village)
Opening Hours: 11am to 8.30pm (Mon – Fri), 11am to 6.00pm (Sat)
Bugis Hotline: 6333 4823 
94 Lorong 4 Toa Payoh #01-22 
Opening Hours: 10am – 9pm (Mon – Fri), 10am – 6pm (Sat & Sun) 
Toa Payoh Hotline: 6369 9681
Optimal Wellness Facebook Page:

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