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It is true that once you hit 25, your collagen production starts decreasing. I guess I’m not wrong to say that the amount of collagen you have in your skin is correlated to how youthful you look. It also reflects the health of your skin. Before 25, my skin was plump and it rejuvenates quickly however, after I hit my late twenties, I started to notice how my skin rejuvenates and how it is starting to lose elasticity, especially at my eye and cheeks area. 
One of the ways to maintain a healthy collagen level in your body is consumer collagen-rich or collagen-boosting food. Other than meat, you can also stimulate collagen production in your body by eating more dark green vegetables, red fruits and vegetables, citrus fruits and soy. Dark green vegetables, for instance, contain vitamin C which helps in reducing the breakdown of collagen. In fact, anything that is rich in Vitamin C antioxidants can help stimulate production too. Rosehip oil is one good example which could be applied to your skin to promote collagen production. Another way of increasing collagen intake is by taking collagen supplements in a form of tablets or drinks. 
I was introduced to Puvay, a fruit puree collagen drink produced in Singapore, at their launch party. They differentiate themselves from other brands of collagen drinks with their soluble form of collagen. They did a research and found out that shorter collagen molecules called collagen peptides absorbs faster into the body than usual collagen extracts with a large molecular size, and are often found in other brands of collagen drinks. Thus, Puvay uses Korean Marine Collagen Peptides molecules which are much smaller in size, which allows faster absorption by the body. Each Puvay collagen drink contains 8000mg of low molecular weight Korean Marine Collagen Peptides which are also odorless.
In addition to that, Puvay also uses a natural sweetener, stevia, in their drinks to lower the number of calories of their drinks.
We had a little cocktail party where we were given some ice shavings and fruits to decorate our collagen cocktails. Puvay collagen drinks come in four flavors namely, peach perfect, mango sunshine, passionfruit spring and berry husky.
I still prefer to drink it alone and my favourite flavour out of the four flavours is Berry Husky. Because of the fruit puree, it contains, the drink tasted quite pleasant though it doesn’t have that complete fruity berry flavor. The drinks are stored in glass bottles which can be recycled but I find that it is very difficult to unscrew the cap from the bottle when you first open it.
And if you are curious to find out what the exact ingredients in the drink, here’s the ingredient list for their Peach Perfect collagen drink: Water, Peach puree, Marine collagen peptides (8000mg), Permitted flavourings, Citric acid, Natural iLite™ Stevia (Erythritol, Stevia leaf extracts (steviol glycosides), Natural flavorings).
The formula seems pretty simple but the only thing is the presence of permitted flavorings which is not disclosed on the product packaging. 


To find out more about Puvay products, you may visit their website at
Each bottle of Puvay collagen drink is priced at SGD7.
Use special promotion code is PuvayDeenise to enjoy 10% off storewide with any purchase on and for all the 4 collagen drink flavors.

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