Russell Hobbs Explore Hand Mixer

Once you’ve started to pick up the love for cooking, the next thing you will know is that your kitchen is filled with various types of kitchen tools. I have more or less got everything I’ve needed to facilitate my cooking preparations but I still needed a couple more tools like a food processor and cake mixer for baking. But at the same time, I didn’t want to invest in a lot of gadgets that would take up a lot of space in the kitchen. I wanted to look for kitchen tools that are less bulky. So I thought, instead of getting a cake mixer, why not get a handheld mixer instead?I was over the moon when I got to know that I had the opportunity to review Russel Hobb’s Explore Hand Mixer because that means I could do more baking right at home and not feeling limited when it comes to food experiments.

This gadget is certainly much smaller than the normal cake mixer and it comes with two chrome beaters. You will also see an eject button at the handle. When pushed, it will eject the beaters. There also a power setting button right above it. It can go up to 200W power at maximum load (120W rated).The mixer itself has 5-speed settings and if you think that this small blender wouldn’t be as powerful as the bigger mixers, you are about to be proven wrong. Even the first power setting is strong enough to whip up the mixture to the point where some of it splatters out!

I did not place the mixer into the bowl properly for the first time and all the contents in the bowl started to splatter everywhere and this has created a mess in the kitchen. I couldn’t imagine what power level 5 would be like! I actually wished that the mixer has wider power range which includes a lower power setting.

I really underestimate the efficacy of this tool but it really powers up every quickly and can turn egg white into frothy heaps of foam within a couple of minutes.
I used it to make carob coconut ice cream and it is important to break up frozen ice cream after leaving it for an hour in the freezer to introduce some air into it. It is really very useful as it can be used in placed of the ice cream maker. But of course, you have to remove the mixture after every 1 or 2 hours from the freezer to blend and mix it.
I suggest blending the mixture in a big deep bowl to prevent spillage especially when the beater is whisking at turbo speed.
I’ve pretty impressed with how powerful this small gadget is. It’s perfect if you have a small kitchen and just wanted to own a decent mixer for yourself to bake some sweet treats for your family. It is priced affordably at $39.90 too. What a steal!

Russell Hobbs Explore Hand Mixer is available at Massmark Singapore.


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