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Do you still have the slightest memory of Winter Organics? Previously, I wrote about their Chamomile facial cleanser which is worked really well on sensitive skin. They are committed to saving the earth, going cruelty-free and practising sustainability. From the ingredients used to its packaging, it is all natural, environmentally friendly and cruelty-free. Their tubes and caps are made from biodegradable material and not plastics. That means you can bury them underground, let it decompose and allow it to form a compost for plants to grow. I wouldn’t be too worried if I drop my facial cleanser into the ocean, knowing that it would eventually return back to mother nature, unlike plastics which would remain as it is even after I turn a hundred years old.
After reviewing their facial cleansers, I actually told them that it would be great if they expand their range of products so that we can encourage more women (and men, of course) to go beauty conscious too! And they did! It is as if my wish is granted and they came up with not only one but four new products. 

Now, read on to find out what are my recommendations and favourites from their new range of products.

Calendula Shower Gel 
The Calendula Shower Gel smells strikingly similar to the Chamomile cleanser perhaps it’s because both Calendula and Chamomile are from the daisy familyAsteraceae. Since it is a shower gel, the consistency is thicker and it tends to foam up a little more than the cleanser. 
The featured ingredient is, of course, Calendula, which is widely known as Marigold. It is also used medicinally for its anti-inflammatory properties. It is actually widely used in many natural and organic beauty products for its soothing and calming properties too. The other two ingredients, Rooibos and Vetiver, are known for their antiseptic properties. Along with Rooibos extract and Vetiver, the formula would help those with sensitive skin and problematic skin conditions such as acne, eczema and psoriasis. For those who are suffering such skin conditions, the products that they are using must be chemical-free otherwise it might aggregate their current skin condition. 
The product itself uses all natural ingredients but only 75% of it are certified organic ingredients. It is good that they state this clearly on their labels so as not to confuse consumers. Though it is not entirely organic, but its natural and absolutely safe for use. For Winter Organics, they went a step further to get their products organically certified.  They are able to meet one of the most rigorous organic certification standards in the world and all of their products are certified by Australian Certified Organic Standards (ACO)
Don’t expect this product to work like those chemical-laden bath gels which are bought off the drugstore shelves. The scent might not linger on your skin and make you smell like a goddess of scent after a shower, but at least I know that my skin isn’t absorbing any other artificial chemicals which might affect my body and the environment as it washes off and goes into the drains. It also doesn’t strip off any moisture but just gently cleanse it to remove dirt. I tell you, this might work even better than Dettol or any anti-bacterial soaps out there. A recent scientific research says that such anti-bacterial soaps aren’t any more effective than normal soaps!
I would totally use the shower gel on my body and face as I feel it is gentle enough to be used on any part of my body since it is also pH balanced.
Cacao Facial Scrub
One of the things I love to do during shower is to use a scrub on my face and body. And this Cacao facial scrub really enhances that showering experience with the delicious scent of cacao. Interestingly, it relies on three different ingredients to perform its exfoliating action. They are namely Bamboo powder, Argan shell powder and Olive seed powder. In addition to that, it also contains papaya extract which contains enzymes that would stimulate new cell turnover. 
On its own with the papaya extract, it is actually a really good exfoliant and the other 3 gentle exfoliants just helps to polish away more impurities. My only qualm is the use of olive seed powder might be somewhat quite rough on the skin as I’ve used facial scrubs that contains olive seed powder and they tend to be a little more abrasive. As such, I would actually prefer to use the scrub on my body. But at times when I feel that my facial skin needs a good scrub down to remove all the impurities, I would go for the cacao scrub which has a greater exfoliating action. 
Macadamia Hand and Body Lotion
Honestly, there are times where I would skip body lotion as I am too lazy (or forgetful) to use them. But with this Macadamia Body lotion sitting on my vanity table, I am constantly reaching out for this to moisturise my skin. Partly also because I was thinking about its limited shelf-life at the back of my head. It is recommended to use the product within 6 months after opening. I love buttering my skin with this stuff even though I would actually prefer to pop macadamias into my mouth. 
I find the formula to be just right – not too buttery or watery. If it is too creamy or buttery, you will find yourself having to rub in the formula with several swipes before all the product gets absorbed into your skin. Also, you will experience this cooling sensation when you apply it. I thought that it could be the high water content that is found in the product but after reading the ingredient list, I realise that it’s actually due to the presence of Aloe Barbadensis leaf juice. Now, this makes this body lotion a great lotion for summer or for individuals who are living in countries with warm and humid climates like in Singapore. Because our skin is pretty much not too dry as compared to those who are living in countries with a cold climate. Thus, we just need that little hydration to nourish and conditions the skin.
This is the best natural moisturiser which I’ve used thus far.
Macadamia Hand Cream 
I do not know about you but my hands tend to get dry very easily especially after washing my hands with the soap found in public toilets. So I always carry a palm-sized hand cream with me around.
Winter Organics also had in mind of such consumers who might need a hand cream which is small enough to slip it into a purse or handbag so they came up with such cute hand cream tubes too!
If you haven’t embarked on the trend of going beauty conscious, I urge you to because it is only logical using products natural products that don’t aggravate your skin conditions or cause it to be more sensitive than before. If I had the time, I would definitely use raw natural ingredients on my skin instead of using products but if you are too busy and wouldn’t have the time to even buy a papaya for yourself, you can start small by going for natural beauty products.
Go be beautiful while staying green too!

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