3 Simple Steps to Buy Contact Lenses Online

In Singapore, you have to get an eye check or eye examination to get a prescription before you are allowed to purchase contact lenses or prescription spectacles. Thus, you can’t exactly purchase online from a local retailer for eyewear unless you’ve done a thorough eye check with them. But right now, you can with SeeChic!
They provide a hassle-free online shopping experience on eyewear like sunglasses, prescription glasses, and contact lenses. And they do offer complimentary eye test done by their in-house optometrist either at the comfort of your home or their office in Telok Ayer.
You will just need to go through 3 simple steps to get purchase contact lenses online from SeeChic, a licensed dispenser of prescription contact lenses.
Step 1: Create an account on the SeeChic website.
Step 2: Select your favorite contact lenses or other eyewear products.
Step 3: Enter your prescription (power and base curve) to place your order.
To ensure that your prescription is correct and recent, SeeChic optometrists will verify the details of your prescription with the name of your optometrists or the optical shop. I felt that it is important to get the latest eye prescription because if the eye prescription is not up to date, the wrong prescripted glasses or lenses can worsen your eyesight.
If you haven’t visited any optometrists for the past 6 months, you can also schedule a complimentary eye test by SeeChic. You can read more about my experience here.
Once your prescription is verified, your order would be processed and you will receive a confirmation through email. Within less than 5 working days, you will receive the products delivered to your doorstep.
I’ve been wearing contact lenses for the longest time since I was 15! It is only recently that I switched from monthly contact lenses to dailies as I prefer wearing glasses on most days. For dailies, I tend to stick to Acuvue but after trying out Naturelle by Bausch + Lomb (in brown), I might have found my bestie to accompany throughout the day.
I like that the lens is soft and more flexible so it fits nicely according to the curvature of my eyeballs. Previously, I had this experience where the contact lenses got stuck so firmly to my eyeball that I can grip it with my fingers to remove it. Perhaps my eyes got so dry that the lens was gripping so tightly to the surface of my eyeballs. Thus, I really think it is important to get those lenses with moisture so that you will feel comfortable all day long. Thanks to Naturelle’s ComfortMoist Technology, my eyes feels hydrated all day long and because it is so moist, you will not feel as if you are wearing contact lenses at all.
These lenses, which have dark-colored pigments at the rim, help makes the pupils appear larger naturally. I really like this natural feature which makes my eyes looked bigger.
Each box has 30 lenses and I highly recommend this brand of dailies!
The other product which I’ve tried is See Concept’s screen glasses. For the older people, they need reading  glasses and for us, the Y-generation needs a pair of screen glasses to filter out all the blue light which is emitted by screen-based technologies like television, computer, and mobile phones.
A quick google search on blue light reveals it is a light which is close to UV light in the electromagnetic spectrum. And blue light can’t be filter out naturally by our eyes. Studies have shown that overexposure to blue light can damage light-sensitive cells in the retina. It can also cause eye strain. To reduce eye strains and maintain our eye health, we can turn to screen glasses like the one shown below. I like that it is stylish and chic but I could only wear it when I put on my contact lenses. I wouldn’t think you would be able to wear it over your prescription glasses. That’s the only limitation, though.
See Concept Screen Glasses E Tortoise
With the innovative lenses, it can filter up to 40% of the blue light emitted by technologies. This is a great gift for those office workers who spend hours staring at computer or laptop screens. The glasses has a slight yellow tint but it does not affect your vision at all. It is lightweight and comfortable too.
Isn’t it great news that you can now stock on contact lenses by purchasing them online from a reputable retailer in Singapore? Life is made so much easier with such online retailers.
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