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When you are in Bali, you should try to include a spa treatment session into your travel itinerary. It is more than just a pampering spa session. In fact, the art of healing and massages are part of their old traditions passed down from their ancestors. Traditionally, such massages and treatments are done primarily for wellness and healing purposes.But today, we are enjoying spa massages and therapies as a form of relaxation. And over here in Bali, they’ve got a list of various traditional spa treatments that are unique to Bali and it is really worth the try.During my stay at Alaya Resort Ubud, I had the opportunity to try their own resort spa called DaLa spa which offers spa treatments that are inspired by age-old beauty rituals.Therefore, you will expect them to include the use of natural herbs and spices during their treatments. Even long before our times, their ancestors already discovered the beauty and health benefits of plants.
IMG_0878I did the DaLa Signature Treatment at DaLa spa which is a 2-hour treatment that includes the DaLa Foot Ritual, Aromatherapy rebalances massage and Empress Facial ritual. This was one spa treatment that would be etched in my memory as I love their treatments which use mainly natural ingredients!
Before my massage treatment, they asked me which blends of essential oils I would like them to use on my body. Each of essential oil blend is mixed with grapeseed oil.

IMG_0860The spa has an inviting seating area and also a small kitchen which also serves meals to customers where they can dine in private at the side of the spa lounge, overlooking the palm trees right outside.


The Treatment Rooms



There are six customized treatment rooms which classic furnishings that spells opulence, royalty, and elegance. You will be asked to choose from the genre of music which you would like to listen to. Couple treatment rooms are available.For myself, I was assigned to the Ylang-ylang room which has two comfy couches and a bathtub in addition to the treatment bed.




DaLa Signature Treatment 

(Rp. 845,000) (2 hours)


My treatment begins with DaLa foot ritual where my feet are then doused in a warm water of lemongrass, turmeric, ginger scented with eucalyptus essential oil and fresh lime.It’s one of most sensual and unique foot ritual I’ve experienced before in my life. The therapist would carefully mix in all the natural ingredients right before my eyes as she names each ingredient.


The foot bath smells so amazing and I wish I could soak my feet in it longer!


This is followed by a body massage that uses the traditional Balinese techniques of the firm finger and palm pressure as well as long stimulating strokes. It is a more relaxing form of massage.After an hour of massage, I did the luxurious royal Empress facial that uses fresh natural ingredients which are perfect for all skin types. I seriously think we should have more of such natural skin facials here in Singapore that uses purely natural ingredients to drive all the goodness and benefits from nature into our skin.

My face is first cleansed with yoghurt and exfoliated with a lavender, chamomile and honey scrub. Thinly sliced cucumber is then used to tone my skin. Then followed by a facial massage with aroma oil which helps to nourish the skin. This facial ritual continues with a steaming mini pouch to open up the pores and followed by a traditional Indonesian rice pearl mask. The therapist then used a jade roller to massage my face which helps to lift and firm up the facial muscles. Lastly, a soothing balm is applied to the lips to moisturize it. I truly enjoyed every single minute of my spa treatment that really caters so what I need. I might want to come back again for more!If you would like to find out my spa experience, do watch the video below!


DaLa Spa opens from 9 am to 10 pm daily.  Reservations are highly recommended. Do call the Spa to book a treatment or call (+62 361) 972200 for DaLa Spa at Alaya Ubud.FB:



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