Alaya Resort Ubud: Manisan Restaurant


While I was touring Bali, I stayed at Alaya Resort Ubud, a stylish Balinese-inspired resort which located amidst the paddy fields. I’ve also patronized their new restaurant called Manisan, which is located right next to the resort itself.

The creative person behind Manisan’s dining concept is none other than Indonesia’s well-respected culinary restaurateur, William Wongso. He has come up with an exquisite menu featuring Indonesian cuisine presented in a fine-dining style.

The entrance leading to the restaurant itself is separated by the rice terrace fields. It is located right beside Coco supermart.
The restaurant setting is really peaceful and tranquil with the lush greenery as its backdrop. We had dinner on a rainy evening.
You can also access Manisan from swimming pools at Alaya Resort Ubud.
The restaurant adopts an open dining concept where diners get to enjoy a scenic view of the rice fields and fresh air while dining in the Pavillion. In the evening, the lighting is much dimmer and it creates a romantic atmosphere.
We had a 3-course meal that evening and for starters, we had some chips with their freshly-made chili paste.
For our first course, we had Binte Biluhuta Gorontalo served with Indonesian lemon basil and lime juice. This dish is a common dish in Gorontalo, a province in the northern Sulawesi in Indonesia. It is a refreshing soup cooked with prawns, corn and coconut meat.  It is slightly sweeter in nature but it could be better if it is served hot as it was only slightly warmed up when it was served to us.
The main course which saves the day with its tantalizing chicken and fragrant cone-sized yellow rice is their signature Nasi Tumpeng Manisan. There’s also a symbolic meaning behind this dish which is inspired by the mountainous landscape in Java and it is a celebratory dish which represents their gratitude and appreciation to their gods.
I really like this dish which tastes delicious and it outstands the other dishes which we’ve tried that evening.
For desserts, we had Pandan Pannacotta which is fragrant yet light dessert but the custard is a little stiff as I would prefer a softer texture.
The 3-course meal we had is rather affordable and if you are into Indonesian cuisine, this restaurant is an option. There’s also another restaurant in Alaya Resort Ubud called Petani which served Balinese cuisine and if you fancy for some music and entertainment, you can hop over to Petani for some drinks after dinner at Manisan.


Jl. Hanoman, Ubud 80571, Bali – Indonesia
Phone. (0361) 846 8933 | (0361) 846 8925
Website. manisanbali.comOpen daily for lunch and dinner from 11am to 11pm


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