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Christmas Dinner at Brotzeit

Hallo!Wie geht es dir?
(Hello. How are you?)

Brotzeit has just come out with their new Christmas special menu featuring some of the Germanic traditions and olde’ time favorites. It’s not just about the Turkey or roasted chicken but Pork Knuckles and German sausages. If you want to celebrate Christmas the European way, you can come here for some good German food.

I’ve never dined at Brotzeit before but after trying out some of their Christmas special dishes, I would recommend my family and friends to come try their food. I was at Brotzeit, 313 Somerset a couple of days back and I was glad that I was able to try out some mouth-watering dishes. Dining there also reminded me of my past travels to Europe where we frequented Christmas markets and ate European food that comes in huge portions. When it comes to German food, there’s a lot of meat involved. The only vegetable on the plate is probably just the mashed potato and asparagus. It’s definitely a treat meant for the carnivorous eaters.

The man behind this menu is award-winning Executive Chef Wolfgang Ranner who is also newly onboard with Brotzeit. We would definitely be looking forward to more of his creations at Brotzeit.

Photo credit: Brotzeit 

For starters, we have the Seafood Medley ($25) which is an ideal appetizer of smoked trout, salmon gravlax, anchovies and prawns with caramelized lemon, horseradish cream, and pickled olives. The seafood is very fresh but if I were you, I would just jump right straight into the mains which make up the whole bulk of this post’s talking point. Below are 4 main dishes for you to choose from.

Photo credit: Brotzeit

Slow-braised Veal Shank ($36) has super tender meat which could easily detach from the bone. It is served with truffle mash potatoes, a generous serve of veal jus and sauerkraut. It is my favorite out of the many because the truffle mash potatoes are unforgettable. Anything with truffle is really heavenly.

Photo credit: Brotzeit
Another classic dish, that is often enjoyed by the Germans is the slow-roasted Braised Duck and Cranberry Sauce ($32) paired with crunchy red cabbage and a unique style of potato dumplings rolled in almond slivers. Like the slow-braised Veal Shank, the duck meat is also very tender. When food is slowly roasted under heat, all the flavors gets infused into the tender meat which also softens when mixed with all the rich sauces.
Photo credit: Brotzeit
If you are into steak, you can try the Venison Steak ($42) which is paired with tasty almond-potato dumplings and bacon-wrapped asparagus spears. The best is to have it medium-rare so that the meat is still juicy and tender.
Photo credit: Brotzeit
Another yuletide essential is the Crispy Pork Belly Roulade ($32). It is infused with winter-time herbs then slow-roasted to achieve succulent layers of meat and fat. It has irresistibly crisp crackling skin which crackles in your mouth the moment your teeth sink into it. It is paired with creamy potato gratin, roasted vegetables and then drizzled with a beer-infused sauce. Beer is in every German’s blood. When in Germany, drink beer. There’s a story behind this restaurant’s name. So any idea what does Brotzeit means? 

It means having a meal with beer. 
Photo credit: Brotzeit

And for those who can’t decide what to eat for Christmas, there’s the Brotzeit’s Christmas Sharing Platter ($118) which comprises of the signature Roast Pork Knuckle, a selection of Veal and Venison Sausages, Roast Pork Roulade and Veal Shank, with ample sides of seasonal vegetables, mash potato and dumplings to satisfy a group of four to 5 people. Even the Brussels sprouts are really yummy too. This is a nice platter to share with the family on a cold Christmas evening.

Photo credit: Brotzeit

A typical festive market treat sold is European Christmas markets in waffles! Here at Brotzeit, you can enjoy their warm, crisp Choco Drizzled Waffles ($12) with walnut ice cream, plum sauce and a drizzling of decadent molten chocolate. There’re a couple of Christmas cookies served at the side too.  It is very much on the sugary side so you might want to share it with others.

Photo credit: Brotzeit
Last but not least, to end off the Christmas festive cheers, do try their homemade Gluehwein ($12) – a mulled wine spiced with cinnamon, oranges, and cloves. It goes really well with the waffles actually and if you’re a non-alcoholic person like me, you can share this drink with others. It gets naturally sweeten when you taste the frosted sugar at the rim of the glass which gets melted by the warm Gluhwein.
Fröhliche Weihnachten!
You can watch all the mouth-watering action on Deenise Glitz TV on YouTube.
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