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Cosentino : Inspired by Nature and Natural Stone

Cosentino has launched Glacier, Fiord, and Tundra which are three new additions to the Dekton® XGloss series. They were inspired by nature and natural stones. These three new types of surfaces are incorporated into Dekton® XGloss which is an innovative line of ultra-polished high-tech, ultra-compact surfaces, with a dazzling crystalline shine. All these polished and glossy surfaces can make enhance the space, giving it that lustrous and clean shine – like as though every kitchen table top  or flooring is brand new.

Dekton® XGloss Natural
Image by Cosentino City
Image by Cosentino


Glacier is inspired by natural stone and it displays a fine marbling of a golden color against a white background. It gives off a sense of purity and elegance.
Image by Cosentino


Image by Cosentino
Fiord is inspired by nature and it encapsulates the beauty of the most luxurious cream tones of Onyx. It has yellows, earthen colors and other intense tones that exude warmth. I feel that this is great for making wall surfaces as the subtle natural hues in wavy pattern helps to tone dark the industrial gray walls of the room or offices. If you are going for that black and white theme, this is a nice surface to add more texture and dimension to your interior space.

Image by Cosentino
Image by Cosentino
Tundra offers a white base with gray flecks splattered across, like structured veins running across the subtle white background.  It recreates the properties of marbleIn addition to Dekton® XGloss’s luminosity, it also has water-repellent properties and an excellent resistance to staining. It also has
outstanding resistance to UV rays, abrasion, staining or
thermal shock, thus making it the suitable material for both indoor and outdoor use – façades, kitchen or bathroom counter tops, floors, paving and even stairs. 

All these high-quality surfaces can really make your living or workspace look more luxurious, modern and chic. In my upcoming eco-friendly home project, I would definitely choose Fiord as I like its natural texturized wavy patterns that break down on the harsh solid geometric lines in my living box.

Dekton® is available for manufacture with the option of large slabs sizes of up to 144cm x 320cm and in thicknesses of 20mm, 12mm and 8mm thus increasing both its aesthetic and architectural possibilities. 

For more information on Cosentino and their innovations, you can visit their website at www.cosentino.com or www.dekton.com.sg

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