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This world is heavily digitalized but we still rely on paper for certain things to exchange information. One of such is name cards.  A green way is to print out name cards on recycled and eco-friendly paper but it is usually more expensive to do so. I mean the best situation is, of course, to send digitalized name cards where we don’t even need to rely on paper. For me personally, after exchanging name card, I would key in all their personal details into my Gmail address book and then dispose or recycle the cards as it really takes up space. If it is not of any use, I would actually put them out of sight. So eventually, all these name or business cards goes into the chute. And I believe my name cards which I’ve distributed will also find its way to the chute.
So, the question boils down to. What is the greenest name or business cards? It does bother me a lot because I wanted the whole eco-friendly theme of my blog to come through strongly.
But since my name cards are running out so quickly, I decided to print a new stack of name cards first and then maybe think of a way to exchange name cards digitally or perhaps even start making my own green name card some day?
I went back to Vistaprint to get my third stack of name cards here. My first name cards was from Vistaprint too and everyone liked the Cherry Blossom design on it. For the second stack, I switch the design template to the ‘Cath Kidston-like’ of floral background and everyone commented on how pretty it looked. I must say that Vistaprint has really a lot of beautiful designs to choose from. Now, this time, I wanted to choose something along the lines of eco-friendly and sustainability. It’s a no-brainer for me to choose a template as has a nature theme to it.
For a pretty reasonable price, I got 250 pieces of standard name card (printed only on one side) at $16.99 which includes postage and packaging costs. The name cards itself only costs $10.
The name cards arrived within a week and all packed neatly into a box.
I am rather satisfied with Vistaprint and I hope they would have this eco-friendly recycled paper option for green businesses.
Have you heard of other green ways to exchange name cards? 
Let me know in the comment box below.

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