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Little House of Dreams

Ever sense that urge to share about a fascinating story or experience you’ve been through? That’s what keeps me bubbling with exciting about my life. There are many ways of retelling a story. Others do so by capturing images which encapsulate it all. It is often the hardest to tell a story just with one image. Thus, I always see Instagram as a platform to publish the ‘book covers’ of each story I am about to share. Time and time again, I still always find it more compelling to write out my story in detail with a series of images to guide my readers’ imagination.Today’s story is about a little princess who is living in her house of dreams. It’s every girl’s fantasy to live in a pink romantic cottage with dainty furniture that would make any girl squeal with true delight.

This Little House of Dreams can be found right in Dempsey Hill, away from the land dominated by the logical and rational people living in the city. It is stow away on a hill, with curtains of lush greenery around. It is also right next to the ‘little ice cream factory’ called Ben&Jerry’s.
The princess’ favourite colour is pink so the interior of her little house has hues of white and baby pink. Her young playmates love coming over to her place for tea and cakes.
If I were 8, I would cry tears of honey if my birthday party was held here and being surrounded so many pretty and colourful cakes. The only missing thing is the little ponies.
I love the space which allows kids to roam and run about to play. Eating time is also the best time for them to unwind and let their imagination run wild – hopefully done in an innovative yet acceptable way instead of bringing about destruction.
This little house started off as a homegrown bakery specialising in bespoke cakes and dessert tables. It was the first bakery to offer dessert tables styling with customized sweet treats.

Besides cakes, they also offer a comprehensive menu selection, ranging from hearty baked meals, salads to grilled meats and a selection of delights catered for the young ones. The menu is as good as any decent cafes featured on food blogs. You could enjoy both a hearty savoury and sweet bites right here at Little House of Dreams.
The food was surprisingly satisfying and didn’t fall short of my expectation for good food. Needless to say, my favourite is their portobello fritters and Spaghetti Laksa. I am all about any spicy and vegetarian-friendly.
For the male species, thankfully the food wasn’t displayed in a feminine way. You can still eat like a man with Pork Ribs or Seabass which can satisfy your meat-eating desire. The Pork Ribs is a no-brainer for me.
Truffle Fries ($12.90)
Chilli Crab Bun ($19.90)
Portobellow Fritters ($12.90)
Chicken Bites ($13.90)
Spaghetti Laksa Prawn ($26.90)
Fruit Frizzies ($8.90 each )
Pork Ribs with Salad ($32.90)


Seabass with Salad ($34.90)

Pulled Pork Sandwich ( $17.90)
Their desserts are relatively okay. It is certainly sweet enough to send a wave of sugar rush to any kid. It makes it even more appealing for any kids to come to this dessert house knowing that Ben&Jerry’s is just right next door, linked to the cafe itself.
Kids would be back for their cakes and sweet treats. For myself, I will be back for their decadent decent mains like Spaghetti Laksa Prawn. And if you need a little sweet treat, I recommend the Creme Brulee.
Rainbow Pancakes with ice cream ($13.90)
Ice cream burger ( $14.90)


Creme Brulee ($10.90)

Prices maybe steep but with this dreamy ambiance, which Princess would really back away?
Little House of Dreams
Block 8 Dempsey Road #01-14
Singapore 247696
Opening Hours:
Mon-Fri 11am to 11pm.
Sat-Sun 9am to 11pm.
Last hot food order is 10.15pm

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