Moksa Ubud: Plant-based Cafe in Ubud, Bali


“Why Moksa?”

” In Hinduism, it means liberation.”

It all stems from the concept of freedom that has propelled the creators of this restaurant, Made Janur Yasa and Chef Made Runatha, to idealize their hopes and vision. No more fears or destruction imposed on our environment when food is served on our plate. No lives are killed and no other sacrifices are made due to our eating habits. There’s a way of eating sustainably and consciously which at the same time, protects our environment and keeps the earth rotating. Both creators have found the key to unlock the door that leads to enlightenment. And as I have always known it, the most sustainable diet has got to be the plant-based diet.

That is also one of the very reasons why I was here to check out Moksa Restaurant in Ubud, Bali which is found amidst the rice paddy fields. With the permaculture organic garden in their backyard, they were able to carry out the farm-to-table concept, creating healthy raw and cooked plant-based dishes to present a sensual dining experience for their customers. Their restaurant is also a space for learning where culinary classes are conducted. There’s also a farmers’ market held there every Saturday.


You can also find some organic produce and food which you can take-away at their counter in the restaurant.


Nonetheless, to say, their restaurant has a perfect view of the rice terrace fields and their permaculture organic garden. Permaculture, as I’ve learned from them and through online articles, is the development of a sustainable and self-sufficient agricultural ecosystem. It is like a terrarium done on a much larger scale and it involves the design of the landscape and systems made in place for it to run on its own without much human intervention.

It’s my first time hearing of such a concept which I feel it could be practised over here in Singapore to promote sustainable living.

And as for the food, I was truly taken away with their raw cuisines which were made so tantalizing to my tastebuds. I tried their 3-course meal and each dish is presented so beautifully, almost like an artwork in itself. As usual, we always get the waiter serving us to recommend some of their best-selling or popular dishes.


Raw Spring Rolls

Vegetables from the garden were rolled with young coconut wrapper and it is served with tamarind-papaya dipping sauce. It is such a refreshing dish as a starter and we like how the food was plated on the handcrafted ceramic plate.


Masala Pumpkin Uttapam (Raw vegan)

The Uttapam pumpkin (Indian pancake) is stuffed with caramelized red onion, heirloom tomatoes, avocado, sun-dried tomato pesto. It is served with ginger soy, coconut moss, corn, and jackfruit salsa. It is this concoction of ingredients that made this dish tasted so flavourful and unique.


Orange Chocolate Mousse Cake (Raw Vegan)

You will not miss out desserts even if you are a raw vegan. In fact, you will start loving raw vegan desserts once you tried it. This chocolate mousse cake slice is made out of young coconut cream, avocado flesh, orange, sweeten with maple syrup and set on rolled oat crust with caramelized coriander seed cream sauce.

There’s a lot of creativity that goes into each raw dishes because the chef has got to think of alternatives to achieve that similar flavor of baked or cooked dishes. There’s a lot more freedom in creating raw vegan desserts and it is a lot easier to prepare them too.


We also tried their raw vegan lime cheesecake which is another exceptional raw desserts and I wouldn’t mind having a second serving.


Prior to our meal, we also went to explore their permaculture garden and to understand some of the features in the garden which keeps the garden sustainable.


IMG_0713Papaya tree





If you are into plant-based diet or just curious to learn more about plant-based dining, you should definitely drop by Moksa, Ubud.

Moksa Restaurant
Puskesmas Ubud II, Gang Damai, Sayan

Bali 80571, Indonesia

Opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday (10 am to 9 pm)

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