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I got to discover the existence of nut butters about 2 years ago when I get to know about the raw vegan diet. The vegan alternative to dairy butter is nut butter. So are vegans missing out alot when they have replace dairy butters with nut butters? Not quite. Nut butters are pretty legit in its own ways. Like dairy butter, it can be use as a spread on breads or as an ingredient in baking and cooking. It is very versatile. It can be used to make nutmilk too!
You can mut butters right at home but you would need a powerful or heavy-duty blender to crush the nuts together to form a paste-like creamy consistency. Otherwise you can get those store-bought nut butters but I often find that some of the nut butters doesn’t have much flavour and the paste tends to harden so you will need to really scrape and dig out the butter. There are also usually stored in air-tight jars and when leave standing, the natural oils from the nuts will float right on top.
There is really nothing to be alarmed by the layer of oil because it isn’t like the oil that floats right up in Indian curries or pork soup. In fact, that layer of nut oil which floats right on top of, for instance, almond butter, contains all the nourishing ingredients like Vitamin E. Yes, there’s no problem eating almond oil. And that layer of oil can be mixed well with the nut butter to create a creamier consistency but I often find it difficult to mix it well because the nut butter layer usually clumps together. There were times where I accidentally spill out the oil while trying to mix the 2 layers together.
But life became brighter when I discovered Nuts About Butter which doesn’t give me the aforementioned problems I was facing with store-bought nut butters. It is well-mixed with the nut oils and it always has this smooth consistency so it is easier to scoop it out and spread it onto your biscuits or bread. Also, taste-wise, this nut butter beats hands down to all the other nut butter which I’ve tried. They have cleverly added raw honey and sea salt to enhance the flavour. I also believe that these very ingredients also helps to thin out the consistency of the nut butter so that it doesn’t harden as easily and clump together.
Interestingly, they combine all their nut butters with almond which I believe that the reason being is because almonds itself has a more distinct nutty flavour as compared to the other nuts like cashews or macademias. I would say that it is a good combination of nuts which are all baked. You also get to enjoy that heavenly combination of nuts and honey.
Almond Sesame

The Almond Sesame butter is made from bake almonds, sesame seeds, raw honey and sea salt. It taste pretty much like tahini which is also a sesame paste mixed with oil. Thus, you can also use it to make hummus and Japanese sesame salad dressing. To make the Japanese sesame salad dressing, you will just need to add some miso paste and sesame oil. There goes a healthy homemade dressing for your salad.IMG_0057

As you can see from the photos, the consistency of the nut butter is perfect – not too watery and not too thick. It makes it easy to mix it with other ingredients.
Almond Original 

This is my favourite out of all the other nut butters that they have. It goes very well with toast along with some cinnamon and slices of banana. It makes a good breakfast item. And to make almond milk, you can just blend about 2 tablespoons of almond butter with 1 cup of water or coconut water. You can then add it into your cereal bowl and drink it alone.
Almond Macademia

Macademias itself is super creamy and doesn’t have much taste. Its creamy texture is perfect in raw vegan desserts. You can make vegan whip cream by whisking up some almond macadamia butter and coconut milk (full cream).
Almond Cashew 

This cashew is great for making cashew nutmilk and raw vegan cheesecake. Check out my latest raw cheesecake recipe where I used the almond cashew nut butter to make the ‘cheese’ filling!
Nuts About Butters contains no emulsifier and added oil. They are freshly churned, preservative-free, gluten-free and sugar-free! Each bottle is priced at SGD 14 onwards and it is available at RedMart, Mahota Singapore, Crown Bakery and online on their website.
For more information, you can visit their website: or Facebook page:

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