Touche Elite: PhotoDynamic (PTF) Skin Treatment

After having been through so many facials and visit aesthetic clinics and beauty salons, there are two ways of looking at facials. You do it either because you want to treat your skin condition or you simply just want to improve your current skin condition. I wish I was in that stage where my skin is well-balanced and healthy just like how it was like many months back. But for whatever reasons it may be, my skin has started to degrade. If it was all about the products that I was using, I’ve totally stopped using them and stick to a toner and moisturizer. If it was all about the stress level I was experiencing, I draw myself away from work once I’m out of office. I wasn’t feeling stress at all. Maybe it’s hormones? Diet? I pray that it will go away very soon!
I still go for regular facial treatments just to help to control my skin problems and preventing it from spiraling out of control. And the treatments I went for are more targeting at my clogged pores and acne which started erupting on the left side of my cheeks. I was thankful to review another acne-prone treatment at TOUCHE Elite and hopefully, it will bring me a step closer to beautiful skin again. Read about my previous treatment at TOUCHE Elite here.
There are two types of facials – facials that rely on products to produce results or facials that incorporated the use of aesthetics to help achieve better results even more effectively. At TOUCHE Elite, they had blended both types of facials seamlessly into one, bringing the best of both worlds together. There are several of such self-proclaimed medic-aesthetics centers out there without protocols or proper certifications. Not to say that these centers providing ineffective treatments, but it just doesn’t give that comforting sense of assurance when you are undergoing treatment at their centers.


But here at TOUCHE Elite, I can confidently mention that they follow a proprietary medic-aesthetic protocol, C.S (Clinical Solution) Skin & Body System, which is a result-oriented medic-aesthetic treatment system developed by their own R&D team of qualified beauty experts in R&D and by their co-founder, Dr Eileen Lee. Even their own beauty specialists are professionally trained to conform to the renowned C.S Skin & Body System and further assessed by International Personnel Certification (IPEC) Bureau.


The other day I was recommended to try out their PhotoDynamic (PTF) Skin treatment after they assess my skin condition. I was a little apprehensive at first as I thought the process will be somewhat painful. But I guess my fears were unnecessary as it wasn’t painful at all. It’s just the bright flashes of light that can somewhat alarm you during the treatment but you will get used to it as the treatment proceeds.
To give you an overview of the treatment, I have taken photos at each step with the help of the team at TOUCHE Elite.
The treatment started with an awakening ritual to help you relax.
Double cleanse is mandatory.
I am okay with extractions but not when there are so many clogged pores! Help! But my skin became clearer after they squeeze out all the stuff which are not suppose to be there.
During the PhotoDynamic treatment, my skin turns slightly red as my skin is quite sensitive, to begin with. But from the photos itself, my skin definitely looked more refreshed and clear. The results are almost instant.
This treatment involves the use of Phototheraphy Flash (PTF) Technology which is the latest and most advanced heat and light technology to treat targeted areas of the skin. It works by applying pulses of light and heat on targeted areas. This intense light and heat energy causes the cells to coagulate together and these coagulated cells will eventually get disintegrated. This concentrated energy also stimulate the growth of collagen and elastin fibers to help increase skin’s elasticity too.The PTF technology is  quite similar to IPL but it is much safer and more comfortable than IPL.

Other treatment benefits:

Eliminates Acne-causing Bacteria
Treats & Prevents Visible Signs of Acne
Reduce & Regulate Overactive Sebum Glands
Effective Deep Pore Cleansing for Congested / Clogged Skin
Treats Visible Enlarged Pores & Minimizes Pores
Stimulates the Production of Collagen
Anti-inflammatory Effects
To calm and soothe my skin, they did a cold treatment on my skin and this step also helps to hydrate the skin.
This is followed by a pressure-point massage since I had a lot of extractions done so it’s best not to aggravate the condition further by stimulating the oil glands below.
Last but not least, I’ve got a mask to seal in all the goodness!
Remember to check out their tea station to try out their herbal teas!
Other than facial treatments, TOUCHE Elite also offers body treatments too. There’s also a sauna and steam bath. After the treatment, it’s time to paint the whole town red! And hopefully, my skin would get better progressively.
TOUCHE Elite is located strategically at Orchard Road, right at Palais Renaissance. It is pretty convenient if you live or work in the town area.
Special thanks to TOUCHE Elite! And here’s a chance for you to try out this treatment at a discounted rate!

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PhotoDynamic (PTF) Skin Treatment @ $33*!
PLUS! Receive FREE Beauty BONUS Therapies worth $200 upon purchase!
Beauty BONUS Therapies includes: 
1) PROLight Derma Restorative Therapy
Boost your skin’s collagen regeneration by up to 5X with our sought-after popular red light therapy for visibly firmer and radiant skin! 
2) Age-defy Eye Treatment
Perk up your tired eyes with this intensive eye treatment for brighter, younger- looking eyes!
Terms & Conditions 
  • Valid for Singaporeans, PRs and EP holders aged 21 years & above who have not visited TOUCHE Elite for the past 12 months.
  • Do present I/C / Employment Pass for verification purposes.
  • Do quote “ Deenise” to enjoy the above offer.
  • It is not valid for TOUCHE Elite existing customers.
  • Strictly by appointment only.
  • Advance booking is required.
  • Valid till 31st January 2017.
TOUCHE Elite Group of Medic-Aesthetic Centres:

Palais Renaissance | Tel: 6738 8441

390 Orchard Rd Palais Renaissance #03-04 Singapore 238871 (Opposite Hilton Hotel)

Orchardgateway | Tel: 6221 6612

277 Orchard Road #B1-07 Orchard Gateway Singapore 238858 (Next to Somerset MRT)

Bugis | Tel: 6238 0500

9 Tan Quee Lan Street #01-02 TQL Suites Singapore 188098 (Opposite Bugis Junction)

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