Beauty Maker : New Foundation Cushion + Highlight and Contour Sticks


Beauty Maker is a Taiwanese makeup brand which is working very closely with Taiwanese celebrity makeup artist, Kevin老師 to create makeup products just for Asian skin type. During their previous press launch in Singapore, I’ve tried their best-selling products like their oil-control matte cushion, PhotoShop perfecting foundation brush, and Bye Bye Oil Pact. These products were surprisingly good as it is great for those women living in hot and humid countries and who often has oily skin. Till today, I am still using the matte cushion which also has a good coverage and I like that it is super lightweight and refreshing on the skin.

And only a couple of weeks back, they have released their new cushion foundation called the Caviar Elastic Perfect Golden cushion along with other new products like the perfect fit sponge along with highlight and contour shading sticks.


Perfect Fit Sponge

This perfect fit sponge stood out from the other makeup sponges with its unique design that allows the user to apply makeup at the inner corners of the eyes, mouth and nose areas. The pointed edge design easily allows you to apply concealer around your eyes where you can blend it away with the sponge instead of using your fingers for a natural finish look.

It is made up of a high-density material so it absorbs both dry or wet foundation easily but having said that it is also harder to clean the sponge as the foundation gets fully absorbed by the sponge.

This sponge would great if you require more coverage on your skin to conceal any blemishes. It takes some time to learn how to use the sponge properly. The effect is actually very different from the foundation brush. The sponge itself gives you that airbrush-effect as it absorbs the excess product thus ensuring an even application of product on your skin. I only starting to enjoy using the sponge after using it for a few times and understanding its benefits.


Before using it, remember to spray the sponge with some water or makeup cleanser to moisten the sponge. It will start to expand slightly upon in contact with water. Apply the product on your skin first then use the sponge to blend out the product for an even coverage.



Caviar Elastic Perfect Golden Cushion

I was very excited to try their new cushion foundation as I was curious to find out if this product is comparable or better than their best-selling matte cushion. It consists of luxurious ingredients like caviar essence, super antioxidant 24K gold, hyaluronic acid and orchid plant stem cell extract. Imagine having all these nourishing ingredients applied lavishly across your skin? It is specially designed for those who wanted higher coverage, lifting and tightening. So I would say that it is suited for those with matured skin and for those who likes to use a serum-type of foundation which is also very nourishing for the skin. It comes in two shades – ivory and beige.

The product design of the Caviar elastic perfect golden cushion is also rather different from the matte cushion. The product is discharged by pressing the touch button to release the product. It helps to maintain the freshness of the product and prevent contamination.


To achieve the lifting effect, the foundation must be applied with either a cushion puff or foundation brush upwards. This would also smoothen out the aging lines and make you appear more youthful.


I’ve tried the caviar elastic golden perfect cushion in the shade of beige. However, I would have probably gone for the lighter shade, ivory, which is closer to my skin tone. I actually prefer using this foundation with the perfect fit sponge than the foundation brush because of the foundation’s thicker consistency. And it is easier to apply the foundation evenly with the sponge. When I use the foundation brush to apply the foundation, my skin looks very patchy with the foundation and the makeup looks very thick on my skin. The sponge really makes a whole lot of difference because it absorbs the excess product, giving you a smoother finishing.

As you can see from the photo below, the foundation did a good job in covering the pores and give your skin a nice natural glow. The coverage is pretty good too as it covers my freckles and other blemishes at my chin area. And all you really need is just a small amount of this product to give your skin an even skin tone and natural luminous glow.


Contour Shading Stick and Highlight Glow Stick

I think Beauty Maker did a great job in nailing the right contour shade which has a slight orangey tone to it. Most contouring palettes had darker brown shades which are more suited for caucasian skin tone. Beauty Maker contour shading stick has this warm brown tone which is more suited for Asian skin which has a slight yellow undertone.

However, I was quite apprehensive about using cream-based shading stick as it can get a little tricky when you are trying to blend it together with your foundation. After swiping the stick across my face, some of the foundation gets rubbed onto the contour stick itself. I would have preferred it to be in a powder or dryer form so that it could be brushed lightly across the skin. Even the highlight glow stick has this beautiful glow which illuminates naturally from the skin but if it comes in a powder form, it would be easier to apply it.

Thus, I would usually apply a small amount, drawing thin contour lines across my jawlines using the contour shading stick and then blending it out with a sponge. It does give a natural contour, adding some shades to make your facial features more pronounced.


This is what I meant when I mentioned that it isn’t a very good idea to be using a cream-based highlight glow stick because the foundation would get smudged onto the highlight glow stick (see picture below). That beige patch you see on the glow stick is the foundation from the Caviar Elastic Golden Perfect cushion. It’s a pity because the highlight glow color has a gorgeous shimmering effect.

And if you are new to contouring and highlight your face, you can read the instructions below that include some useful tips on shading!


Here’s the makeup look I’ve created using all the four Beauty Maker’s products mentioned above. The effect looks great as the contour shading has helped to sharpen my face and make my face looked more chiseled and toned. However, contour shading stick and highlight glow stick made the makeup looks a little thick and it feels rather uncomfortable on my skin. A powder formula would have been more preferred especially when we are living in this warm and humid weather.


Have you tried any of BeautyMaker products? Do let me know in the comment section below!

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