As you may have already noticed, I’ve just migrated my blog site over from Blogger to WordPress and it has been a rather busy period for me to ensure that the migration process goes smoothly. So even though I am having a vacation break right now, I still get stressed up by all these things which probably aggravate my acne condition. However, only recently, I’ve been experimenting with DIY beauty products using essential oils and natural ingredients. That’s because, after some time, I realized that it is so much more environmental-friendly to just product your own skincare products using recycling bottles and it is more cost-productive too. Not to mention that they are also equally effective in maintaining great skin especially after I’ve tried making this anti-acne toner using pure tea tree oil just to prevent and control my acne outbreaks.

In the market, they are many tea tree oil products but they are all mixed with other ingredients which may have diluted the potency of tea tree oil to the extent that it affects the efficacy of the product. You will never realize how powerful tea tree oil is until you used its pure form. You can just mix the essential oil with some other base oils or distilled water and it becomes this one skin remedy that combats most skin ailments without causing any side reaction if you use it correctly.

Diluting essential oil is important.

However, when it comes to essential oils, there are some cautions which you must take note. Essential oils are very concentrated with plant actives which can sometimes corrode the skin so diluting them before use is important. I was told by an aromatherapist that while some essential oils can be applied directly to the skin, most of the essential oils requires dilution before application. I’ve learned my lesson too when I thought that pure tea tree oil could be directly applied onto pimples and truth be told, my skin starts to get super tingling and there are patches of redness on my skin at the areas where I applied the essential oil.

Less is more.

Without further ado, there’s my simple DIY formula to make your own anti-acne toner which really worked for me to prevent and control acne.

You will need:

  1. Base ( Distilled water, Witch Hazel)
  2. Tea tree essential oil
  3. Empty spray glass bottle


You can simply use distilled water for this but since I had a bottle of witch hazel at home, I decided to use it to dilute the essential oil. Witch hazel also helps to reduce the pore size and soothes the skin. I got this from iHerb and you can read about my purchase here.


You can buy essential oils at affordable prices at iHerb. Aura Cacia was recommended to me by a friend who is also a regular iHerb shopper and true enough, I find the quality of essential oil is rather good and the scent of it smells very pure and concentrated. I don’t know much about essential oils but you can probably distinguish the better quality ones from the rest by how strong and pure the scent is.

The recommended dilution rate is about 1 to 2 drops of tea tree oil to 10 drops of base. For me, I wouldn’t go for more than 3 drops and beyond. And I do recommend that you start with 1 drop first or a lower dilution ratio just to see if the toner works okay for your skin. If you feel that it doesn’t do anything for your skin, you might want to add another drop or slightly increase the dilution ratio. For me, 1 drop of tea tree to 10 drops of witch hazel is sufficient.


Also, I prefer to make small amounts of DIY products because I still want my product to be made fresh since no preservatives are added to ensure that the degradation of the ingredients.  I like to use spray some of the product on a cotton pad and place it over the areas where I feel that my pimples are going to erupt and it does help to subside the redness or prevent the pimple formation from worsening.  I also use this toner as a room freshener to remove odors or freshen up the living space. Others use it as cleaning agents too.

It made me realize this one thing – you don’t need the most expensive acne product with a list of effective ingredients which are claimed to treat acne. This ancient old remedy which has been passed down from generations to generations can treat acne too.

Watch the video below to see how I make my DIY Anti-acne toner.


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