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This is a new addition to our set of kitchen tools at home. We already have a Kuvings juicer at home but my Dad wanted to get another smaller one which is easy to use and clean. The price of this manual juicer by Hokey is also very attractive too. For $49.90, you can get this manual juicer which works without the use of electricity. Does it work? Yes, it does. Should we get it? It depends on your needs and whether this tool meets your needs.


Let’s discuss the features of this product and then talk about its advantages and disadvantages. From there, you will be able to tell if this gadget matches your needs.


Product Features

It is a mini juicer that extracts juices from most fruits and vegetables without the use of electricity. It works by rotating the handle in one direction to crush the fruits/vegetables slowly. The juice will drip out from the spout and the pulp will be channeled through the nozzle.

For this particular juicer, the fruits and vegetables need to be cut further into small pieces so that it is easier for the juicer to crush the greens using the Juicer Auger.

There are many parts to this juicer and you will need time to assemble it. But once you get the hang of it, you will find it much easier to fix all the parts together within a minute.

You don’t need much scrubbing to clean the juicer. Most of the parts could be rinsed easily with water but certain parts require you to use a brush to remove the pulp. Cleaning is relatively easy and fuss-free.

This juicer works for most fruits and vegetables except those less juicy ones like carrot, soursop, and beetroot. Juicer fruits like orange, lemon and grapes worked very well with this manual juicer.


Make sure you slice your fruits and vegetables into small pieces so that you can use the pusher to crush it against the juicer auger. You will need some strength here to push down the pusher as you rotate the handle with your other hand.


The pulp will be released from the juicer head. The pulp is surprisingly quite dry. It works pretty much like a slow juicer except that it doesn’t use electricity and it can only juice small quantities of greens at one go.



– It is very affordable ($49.90). The price of a slow juicer ranges between $200 to $800. You can also buy them online and get it delivered to your house. We bought ours from Lazada.

– This juicer is very compact and easy to carry it around. I could even pack it in my suitcase and bring it along with me when I travel. It doesn’t take up much space as compared to the larger juicers which are also much heavier.

– It is eco-friendly as it doesn’t consume electricity. In the long run, you will also save on electricity costs.

– The quality and quantity of juice are pretty decent. Comparing the Kuvings slow juicer and this manual juicer, the quantity of juice extracted is about the same. Even the pulp is quite dry too. The only difference is the time and convenience. You take a longer time to juice the fruits and vegetables manually.

– It is easier to clean the parts as compared to the regular electric juicers which require you to brush out the pulp from the metal strainer.


– Unlike the electric slow juicer, you can’t juice solid hard greens like carrots and beetroot.

– You will need to slice the fruits and vegetables into tiny pieces so that it is easier to feed it through the juicer housing.

– It requires time and effort on your part to rotate the handle and pusher.

– You can’t juice in large quantities as the fiber may get stuck in the juicer head. You can most likely only produce about 1 or 2 cups of juice.


In my opinion, this manual juicer by Hokey is relatively quite good and for this price, it is worth the buy. It is great for smaller families or for those who don’t do juicing as often. But if you are a serious juicer who drinks juice on a regular basis, you should get a good slow juicer like Kuvings Slow Juicer.

Have you used a manual juicer before? Let me know in the comments below! Hope this post would help you decide if you should get one or not.

2 thoughts on “Hokey Manual Juicer

  1. Dear Sir
    I was told by my friend of this manual juice machine which she thinks is very good and as such recommended me to purchase one to make juice which her husband bought at one of the NTUC road show demo. She told me a manaul machine is better and those with electric and blade, she finds it very convenient but takes time as you need to cut up the fruits into smaller pieces which she feels is very healthy
    Will you by any chance hold such a demo again in any NTUC and appreciaet if you could inform me so that i can go and purchase one.

    1. Hi Mrs Chui-Tham!

      Unfortunately, I do not sell this juicer. My dad just bought it for our family to try out.


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