How to Turn Your Old Shirt into A Cushion Cover without Sewing

For the longest time, I haven’t get down into experimenting with DIY projects because I was simply giving excuses such as the lack of time. As of now, I am very grateful for this long period of vacation that allows me to experiment and carry out those ideas I once had.

A week ago, I chanced upon this DIY video by 5-minute crafts and I loved it to bits. The beauty of this DIY project is how easy it is to turn something useless into something useful again in 5 minutes. In this case, I learned how to transform an old T-shirt into a cushion cover without sewing. Yes, no thread and needle involved!

You can watch this video here and read how I inject a new lease of life into my old shirt!

I had this pretty pre-loved T-shirt which I’ve worn it for over a year and now the material has thinned out and lint balls are starting to appear. As such, I didn’t want to wear it out but neither do I want to dispose of it too. In this instance, I could wear it at home or turn it into something useful again. I love the prints on the shirt too and I know this would make a perfect cushion cover!
You’ve got to cut off the shirt sleeves into this rectangular shape as shown in the video.
Then cut the fringe into strips.
Fit your pillow into the covers.
Tie the strips together to form a knot. This would secure the front and back of the shirt together. And that is it!
It took me less than 5 minutes to create the pillow case. The only downside about this DIY cushion cover is the fact that you will need the time to untie all the knots if you want to watch the cushion cover or replace it with a new one. But unlike pillow cases, you don’t often change your cushion covers that often. So I guess it is fine.
Using this technique, I believe you can also make small purses or handphone covers too.
If you tried this DIY cushion cover, let me know in the comments below if it works for you!
I would love to hear from you guys!

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