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DSCF7215When your black hair roots are emerging that shows a contrast with coloured hair, you know it’s time for to touch up your roots or get a new hair colour. I initially wanted to leave my hair as it is since I did not want to subject my hair to further damage. But I had the opportunity to try out an organic hair colouring services at J&J Hair identity so I decided to give organic hair colouring a try to also understand more about organic hair colouring and its developments in today’s hair industry.


J&J identity is using Natulique, a certified organic hair brand in Denmark. J&J offers a full range of NATULIQUE hair coloring, bleaching and styling products that are from Denmark, a country that is voted as one of the world’s leading countries within renewable energy and sustainable living.

This hand brand offers professional colouring salon products as well as everyday haircare products like shampoo and conditioner for personal use. Their organic hair colouring is infused with certified organic ingredients which are mainly botanical oils and plant extracts. It is free of ammonia, lauryl sulfate and parabens. Thus, it is more safe and gentle for the hair and scalp. It also doesn’t have much of an unpleasant odour as well.


J&J Identity is the current sole distributor of the Natulique hair products in Singapore and they mainly use Natulique products for their hair salon services. They are a fully organic hair salon located in Katong.



I decided to try their organic hair colouring so that I could wash down the lighter tones in my hair and probably go for a darker colour tone. My hair was bleached previously and after many washes, my hair got lighter and lighter. So this time, I wanted some thing darker and probably more natural. I opted for natural shades of brown but the stylist recommended me to try dark purple with red. He assured me that the colours would appear darker than my current hair colour too so I agreed and with went with it.


During the hair colouring session which took about 3 hours plus, I got to understand more about the brand Natulique. It’s mission and values is pretty much in line with other sustainable hair brands. It is also certified organic by ECOCERT. For a brand to receive the ECOCERT certification, it needs to meet a set of strict requirements. A minimum of 98.8% of the total ingredients in the product must have a natural origin and a minimum of 10.3% of all the ingredients by weight must come from organic farming. It is also against animal-testing so it is certainly vegan and vegetarian-friendly too.



To get a more even hair colour, the stylist suggested that to lighten my hair to achieve a uniform colour before using the red and purple hair dyes.


I was amazed by how fast the colouring takes and it does make my hair look very shiny and smooth. This is probably due to the presence of the hair botanical oils that not only nourish the hair but also to give it a natural shine.


After evening out the hair tone, the stylist washed and blow-dry my hair before proceeding to the second round of hair colouring.


He used red colour dyes at the ends of my hair for a nice colour contrast. Usually, what your hair colour seems like during the dyeing process is not how the colour would turn out. But in this case, the colour turns out as it is. So it did looked very bright and vibrant. Previously, organic hair dyes are not able to achieve such creative and vibrant colours but now it is possible. Thus, if you are feeling outrageous and want to go all crazy with your hair colours, you can definitely try out creative hair colouring using organic hair colour dyes.


Though it is certainly darker than my previous colour, I find the tinge of red is too bright for my liking and I certainly wasn’t quite use to having such colours on my hair.


Thus, I requested for the stylist to darken my bright red undertones which he kindly did it for me to darker the red highlights with dark purple dyes.


It definitely looked much better as I did wanted my hair to look a little more natural but under light, the tones of purple and red streaks would still be seen. I would opt for brown hues for my next visit.

If you do colour your hair very often, I recommend going for professional organic hair colouring as it is definitely less damaging on your hair but I would suggest going for classic colours that suits your skin tone and a colour which you think you can carry it off for a longer period of time.

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