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On days when I don’t like heading to the gym to sweat it out, I just force myself to put on some gym wear and once I am all geared up, I felt the motivation to just head down to my nearest gym or head out for a run. And wearing a cute and chic gym wear really helps! It is just like wearing a Catwoman costume, waiting to unleash that feline prowess in you. Suit up and get ready!

I used to wear dark-coloured tank tops and black capri pants to the gym, thinking that it will be easier to mix and match. But these days, I decided to go for more vibrant-coloured tank tops, sports bra, and yoga pants that really get my mood up for some serious kickass workout at the gym. You could simply dress in brightly-coloured clothes to help boosts your mood and energy up.

Recently, I’ve been loving this latest active wear from Kooshi. Their activewear is made from premium quality fabrics which can withstand high impact fitness routine. I really like that the fabric is very stretchable and breathable. I especially like the pieces from their Kooshi Energy Sun Burst collection which features this outstanding and beautiful print.


Sun Burst DEFI Tank Top ($59)


This tank top actually has a built-in bra which is perfect. It makes it so much easier for me to pack my gym wear into my bag and it doesn’t take up that much space if I actually have to pack in my tank top, a separate sports bra and pants. The built-in bra also provides very good support as well.


I wore size M for the tank top and size L for the tights which are a little loose fitting but comfortable. If you prefer a tighter fitting, you can go one size smaller as the material is rather stretchable.



Sun Burst Dole Capri Tights ($69)


The second outfit I chose is the sports bra in Heather Pink and this brilliant blue capri pants. The sports bra fits perfectly and I like that it gives an excellent support. It is very comfortable as the elastic bands snug tightly around my chest area.

Heather Pink Crissa Sports Bra ($39)

This sports bra would pair well with any tank tops which can reveal the sexy criss-cross backing.


Monochrome in Turquoise Mollie Capri Tights ($69)

Kooshi Energy Collection comes in 3 different sizes – S, M, and L. For more information, visit their website: www.kooshi.com or visit their Instagram page (https://www.instagram.com/lovekooshi/) and Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/lovekooshi/) for more updates.

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