Nuts About Black Sesame


I was nuts about black sesame after opening this bottle of sesame butter and finish it all within a week. No wonder my hair seems much thicker and darker now…

Okay, jokes aside. But this jar of almond Black sesame by Nutsaboutbutter is now my top favorite butter among their other varieties of nut butter which are really yummy too. It is simply because you can’t it anywhere else. I mean you can drink black sesame soup or other desserts with black sesame paste but where else can you get black sesame butter which can be spread onto your toast? Also, with this Almond black sesame butter, I can easily make any black sesame-flavoured food from cakes, beverages, ice creams to popcorn. Yes! Popcorn! I might try it some day. The possibilities are endless.


Like all other nut butter, you would usually have a layer of oil that floats up but this is good oil or so-called ‘healthy fats’. You simply need to stir it up with the butter to get that creamy and smooth consistency of butter.


Black sesame on its own tasted a little bitter. To enhance its taste, they have added some honey to sweeten it up. I guess it’s also a good choice of using almond to bring down that bitterness as well and to give it a more buttery and nutty flavor.

I’ve tried it on toast but the next time, I would love to use it to make ice creams once I got my hands on an ice cream maker if I could find a suitable one!


Know anyone who wants luscious and glossy black hair? Get them a bottle of this Almond Black Sesame for Christmas! It’s equivalent to a jar of supplement for healthy hair because black sesame is a great source of B vitamins, iron, calcium, zinc and other minerals too.

Nuts About Butters contains no emulsifier and added oil. They are freshly churned, preservative-free, gluten-free and sugar-free! Each bottle is priced at SGD 14 onwards and it is available at RedMart, Mahota Singapore, Crown Bakery and online on their website.

For more information, you can visit their website: or Facebook page:

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