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Supreme Q.X Beauty Spa: TCM Bo Jin Therapy

UntitledSupreme Q.X Beauty Spa houses their second new outlet at Pacific Plaza and I must say that it is a luxurious beauty salon with spa treatment rooms that comes with ‘stunning views.’

Yesterday I was there to try out their new TCM Bo Jin Therapy treatment which originates from China during “Period of Three Kingdoms”. There is an interesting story behind it which revolves around this famous doctor called Hua Tuo found a way to clear blockages along the meridian lines to clear the accumulation of toxins within the human meridian channel. That is how this TCM treatment came about.


The treatments offered Supreme Q.X Beauty Spa are often TCM-inspired and they use mainly products from bSoul which is a natural skincare brand from Italy.


Prior to the TCM Bo Jin therapy, the therapist did a skin analysis. She first showed me how healthy skin would look like by examining the skin on my arm.


The skin on my arm is generally healthy and hydrated but the skin on my face is dehydrated. I also have some skin inflammations on my face too. The constant extractions of my recurring acne have left some scarring and I was hoping that this Bo Jin therapy would give my skin a good detox so that my acne problem would not recur again.


I tried the TCM Face and Eye Bojin treatment which lasted for 2 hours. This treatment includes  cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, detox massage, Face Bojin, Eye Bojin, face serum, face detox mask , head massage and shoulder massage.


They did some extractions first before starting the TCM Bojin treatment. The therapists started the Bo Jin treatment at my neck area to open up facial acupuncture points and meridian points. Then she worked my eye area first before moving on to the rest of the face using the bojin plate to scrape, pick and comb the meridian channels. You will feel this aching pain as the plate scrapes against your skin but it is not a sharp kind of pain. The discomfort will subside after the meridian blockage is cleared with the constant scraping action.

And after she completed the whole treatment, my face look so much more lifted and there was a natural radiance in my complexion due to the increase blood circulation. It is similar to a facial massage except that it is more thorough as TCM Bo Jin Therapy works deeper into the deeper layers below the skin. This therapy can help with dull skin, sagginess, freckles, hyperpigmentation anti-aging, acne, and wrinkles.


And after the treatment, you can enjoy some tea or fruit juice.


Supreme Q.X. Beauty Spa  

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Singapore 228210
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Monday to Friday: 11.30am – 9pm
Weekends and Public Holidays: 11am – 7pm

Tel: +65 6736 1617
Hp: +65 8726 0076 (SMS for enquiries)
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