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With the year 2017 just around the corner, people are going to start posting and writing down their New Year Resolutions. It marks the new beginnings of a new year with new goals and aspiration. With all the festive and celebrations going on, it makes you feel good and charged up about starting the year right. But why wait till the start of the year when you can start taking small steps to drive a change or reach a goal?
My goal has always been about eating right, being active and feeling good about yourself. And hopefully, my positive vibes would also rub off on others and inspire them to live the change. However, along with the journey of pursuing your goals, you may encounter failures which divert you further away from reaching the finishing line which is why I feel that being in a community of like-minded individuals who is open to embrace others is important. They are the ones who would remind you that a change starts from the way you live. And that is how I exactly felt when I stepped into Wellaholic office. When I was first introduced to them, I thought they were just selling health supplements to help individuals to look younger, leaner and healthier. Period. But after learning about their story, I could see that they are also starting a community to live the change via their fitness classes, wellness sessions and other health perks exclusive for their members. I could see where they are going – they are not only providing supplements but also helping their clients attain their health goals more effectively through their activities.
Their health supplements range from multivitamins, probiotics to protein powders. They also launch their own range of skincare products too.
I wasn’t really into health supplements as I don’t really like the feeling of having to swallow pills but I do see the need to take it especially with the current busy lifestyle trends that most of us are going through. We might not be eating sufficient foods to obtain the daily recommended dosage of certain nutrients or vitamins to keep our body strong and functioning properly. In my case, I knew my digestive system weren’t functioning that effectively as I often experience bloatedness and other indigestion problems. Eating a bunch of hi-fibre vegetables and fruits may help but in reality, I can’t stomach so much at one go. It’s a dilemma that we modern health-conscious people face. If I have all the time in this world, I would prefer to obtain the nutrients naturally by consuming whole foods. However, with a busy lifestyle, it is increasingly much harder to keep up with our nutrient intake or to even plan what to eat just to meet our dietary requirements. Supplements, in case, could be an alternative.
But with so many brands of supplements out there, which ones should you pick? To me, what matters most is, of course, the ingredients of the supplement formula and whether it has been approved or registered by a certified regulatory body controls and supervises on drugs. I like the fact that they are transparent about all the ingredients that they use, including other ingredients which may be found in the vegetable capsules itself. Their supplements are also FDA approved.
One of their signature products is W+ Resveratrol which is a super antioxidant to help promote the regeneration of cells. Resveratrol is actually a plant phenol which is naturally produced by plants in response to defend itself against pathogens. And they are found under the skin of high anti-oxidant fruits like blueberries, raspberries and in grapes too. I’ve always find plants fascinating in this aspect. You don’t have to rely on artificially-made stem cells to reserve the clock when you can do so naturally with plants. This is great for vegetarians and vegans as it contains no animal-derived ingredients.
For me, I’ve decided to try their OxyBurn and Super 7 probiotics. OxyBurn is a weight management pills that comprises mainly plant extracts like green coffee bean extract and raspberry ketone to increase fat burn. I’ve been liking the effects of the Super  probiotics thus far as it increases my bowel movement so that I feel lighter and less bloated during the day. Each bottle of supplement lasts for about a month or so.
You could purchase their health supplements online or at their office. But if you are dropping their office to check out their health supplements, why not join in their fitness classes which are held mostly in the evenings?
They also offer facial rejuvenation treatments using E-light and IPL to treat skin conditions and remove effects of photo-ageing such as wrinkles, spots, and textures.  Prices start from $2.99 per E-light shot.




They also have Tui Na sessions on Tuesdays open to both members and non-members. You could also check out Wellaholic Facebook page for the calendar of events.
I am teaming up with Wellaholic to do a giveaway this Christmas on my Facebook Page where I will be giving away one bottle of their Mind Matrix supplement and another supplement of your choice! This will probably help you to kick start the positive changes you want to make in your life!
Do stay tuned for more.
For more information, you can visit their website at wellaholic.com or swing by their office which is about 3 minutes walk from Lavender MRT station.
16M Penhas Road
Level 2
Singapore  208180


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