Why I Go For Sustainable Fashion

I stopped buying clothes. I often re-wear what’s left in my wardrobe or hand-me-downs from my relatives. Being fashionable is a secondary concern to me. I go for comfort and simplicity. Even if I really do have to buy a new set of clothes for myself, I tend to go for comfortable basics which would never go out of trend. It saves costs and I am able to spend time doing over meaningful things than shopping. I’m atypical.At some point, I did intend to purchase clothing from Green or sustainable fashion brands but they are often not very pocket-friendly. So maybe I thought I could create my own clothes using second-hand clothes but it is pretty time-consuming. For the longest time, I just thought I might as well stick with the clothes sitting in my wardrobe. Not until Zhai came into the picture, just like a genie emerging from Aladdin’s magical lamp.I was introduced to this Zhai about a couple of weeks ago and I can’t wait to share their story. I’ve picked up this Little Red Dress which I’ve started wearing it. The cuts and design are very flattering for my body shape as the bamboo cloth drapes down nicely, following the natural body curves. It’s ultra comfy too and it feels very cooling on the skin. It is 95% bamboo and 5% spandex.

Zhai is an eco-fashion brand that offers a collection of clothes and accessories made from bamboo, linen or other sustainable materials. I started to fall in love with this brand after knowing their values and mission that fits perfectly to what I truly believe in as well.
Bamboo vs Cotton
Both are obtained from plants but there are online articles that said bamboo is a more sustainable material as the bamboo plant grows faster, requires less water and has no natural pesticides, unlike cotton plants. Thus bamboo can be grown organically in farms and this makes it is suitable green material to make clothes. Also, bamboo fiber is very soft to touch, like cashmere. When woven into the fabric, it can go through multiple times of washing without getting worn out easily like cotton. Bamboo cloth is not only lighter and stronger but also has antibacterial properties due to the presence of this antimicrobial bio-agent called kun.  In fact, most plants have some sort of a natural defense system to protect itself against bacterial or viral infections. I’m not surprised that bamboo plants have this amazing property as well! I’ve not even finished mentioning the lists of benefits that bamboo fabric has. It is also odor resistant, biodegradable and UV protective. Enough said. Why isn’t the fashion industry turning to bamboo?


Socially and Ethically Responsible 


The bamboo fibre used for Zhai’s apparels is 100% organically grown. Workers are not exposed to toxic clothing dyes during the manufacturing process. Eco-friendly vegetable dyes are used instead.Zhai also offers linen clothes from Santorini and accessories like scarves, bags, and necklaces which are made from sustainable resources.

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