Auolive: Minimalistic Skincare with Natural Actives

“Time Waits For No One”
Whether you are someone successful in life or not, time still ticks away on its own. Although you might not be able to create time, there’s something I’ve learned over the years that would make precious time for yourself. It is to stop worrying, declutter your space and be willing to try new things to improve your lifestyle habits. To simply put, I believe that people today should lead a minimalistic lifestyle – a life without any clutter, noise or junk. We are constantly bombarded by so many things around us as the world advances and affluence increases. We are governed by too many ‘wants’ rather than ‘needs’. When what we need is just to focus on the simple and basic necessities in our lives. For food, we just need to nourish ourselves with nutritious food. We don’t have to dine out every day and eat lavishly just to satisfy our cravings. And when it comes to skincare, piling too many skincare products on your skin will prevent your skin from breathing properly. Our skin is not adapted to have a pile of artificial substances being applied to our skin. If you read any interviews of Celebrities or beauty gurus, they would tell you the exact same thing – drink more water, moisturize and cleanse well.
So when it comes to my skincare routine, I’ve greatly reduced the number of steps and products I’ve used and narrow down to my favorite few. On a normal basis, I stick to a facial cleanser and moisturizer. However, I wasn’t able to find a suitable water-based gel moisturizer until I tried Auolive’s Night booster. At Auolive, they understand the needs of a modern woman who constantly struggles to jungle time for herself, work and family. As a woman, we still need our ‘me’ time and time just to maintain our appearance too. Their innovative solution to this problem is to come up with multi-functional skincare products with natural actives and other quality ingredients. Efficacy and quality of the product are not being compromised here. It’s not your usual 2-in-1 moisturizer with combined properties but rather the products itself worked optimally to drive a healthy, balanced and functional skin that is ready to defend itself against any other external factors like UV rays.
In Auolive’s current skincare range, you can find the following products:
(1) Radiance Revealer
(2) Day Glower
(3) Night Booster
(4) Eyes Lifter
With these 4 products, you basically got everything covered except for the cleansing step. Auolive’s products are Swiss formulated and made in Singapore. Their water-based formulation is also suited for most skin types including sensitive skin. It is dermatologically and clinically tested by independent laboratories. It is not tested on animals and contains no sulfates, parabens, mineral oils or colorings. Fragrances are added but they are non-allergenic.

The product formula is stored in the Korean Airless Bottle which allows the product to disperse easily from the bottle without much contamination. It also minimizes product wastage too.I have a chance to review all 4 products and read more to find out what’s my verdict of these four products.

Morning Routine
The rush hour begins in the morning and for myself, I’ve got only about 30 minutes to wash up, catch a quick breakfast and leave the house for work. The most I could afford is to swipe some moisturizer and sunblock on my face. But now, I just have to rely on the Day Glower to hydrate and protect my skin from the sun. It is very lightweight and not too tacky. Since I have dry skin, I like to mix in a pump of Night Booster on mornings where I felt my skin needed an extra hydration boost.
The hydration benefit is due to the presence of hyaluronic acid and squalene. To defend the skin against harmful UVA and UVB radiation, it contains ingredients like Titanium Dioxide and multiple UV filters.
I like to apply it thinly across the areas of my skin where it is highly exposed to sunlight. This includes my forehead, nose bridge, and apples of my cheeks. It also acts as a face primer or makeup base as well.
Night Routine

I have a little luxury of time when it comes to the evenings. This is the time where I can unwind myself and really pamper my skin. After cleansing, I would do a gentle exfoliation with skin using Auolive’s Radiance Revealer, a superfruit exfoliating gel. Punica Granatum Fruit Extract from Pomegranates would gently dissolves and lifts away dead skin cells. You just need to let the product sit on your skin for about 45 seconds and then massage your skin in a circular motion to exfoliate the skin.

It is recommended that you use this product once or twice a week. For me, I felt that it didn’t do a thorough exfoliation job as compared to the current facial scrubs I’m using. It might be because there aren’t much dead skin to exfoliate or the formula is too gentle. It is definitely suited for those who prefer to use gentle exfoliants.

After cleansing, I like to dive right into my favorite product in their range – Night Booster. This product surprises me because initially, I thought it was just a gel moisturizer. By experience, gel-based moisturizer hydrates well but they aren’t very effective in retaining moisture in the skin. Cream-based or oils, on their other hand, are better skin emollients which help to prevent the loss of moisture from the skin. However, cream-based products tend to cause tiny bumps on my skin. It has always been a dilemma until I tried the night booster. It’s gel-like but the moment you apply on your skin it feels like you’re applying a moisturizing cream on your skin. I guess they’ve got the formula right for women with skin types similar to mine.

The thick consistency of the product could be due to its presence of hydrolyzed marine collagen.  It prevents lines and wrinkle formation by stimulating the synthesis of collagen and elastin fibers. The answer to youthful skin is always ‘collagen’.


Lastly, just before hitting the sheets, I also like to use some eye product to hydrate the delicate skin around my eye area. I have hooded eyes with droopy eyelids so I do stick to eye products which help in lifting. It contains plankton extract to reduce signs of premature aging such as eye bags, wrinkles, and dark circles.

The Eyes Lifter comes in a smaller bottle and you don’t have to use so much of the product. Less is more. It felt very much like lotion and it keeps the skin around my eye area hydrated. I’ve also learned that you don’t have to apply eye products so close to your eyes.

Auolive is working with Project Livelihood to empower more women in Cambodia. You can also help support a meaning social cause when you shop at Auolive e-store at There will be a Gift With Purchase when you spend a minimum of $150 (offer valid till 28 Feb 2017 or while stocks last) online. This gift is actually a handmade clutch bag put together by Cambodian ladies using recycled can tabs. These marginalized Cambodian women were taught how to sew and make handicraft in order to make themselves a living.

DSCF7472It’s a beautiful clutch made from just metal drink tabs and I love it people are able to breathe in new life to things which once belong to the bin. I must say that the clutches were exquisite! I just wish that it was bigger so that I could store more things.



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