Eco-friendly Paint: Watercolour Palette Natural Power Sericite Paint


It’s an exciting time in the world right now with the influx of green innovations which are less harmful towards us and the environment as a whole. Even paints are ‘greenified’ with natural ingredients which are safer for us to use. DongYang Mining has come up with an eco-friendly paint which is made using Sericite, a versatile ore with air-purifying, anti-bacterial, moisture-adjusting and deodorizing properties. It is also has a flame retardant property.

This mineral, Sericite, has also been used as an ingredient in drugs and cosmetics as well. And Natural Power Sericite paint is the world’s first premium sericite paint which contains natural and inorganic ingredients with the minimum amount of chemicals.


This water-based Sericite paint comes in 26 colors and it could be used to paint on walls of your house. It is also available in a powdered form for the interior where you can simply create the paint by mixing it in with some plaster. And if you prefer to get a wallpaper for your new home or room, you can get their Natural Powder Sericite Wallpaper. I am pretty sure I would be using an eco-friendly paint for myself once I get a home of my own.

I got to try the Natural Power Sericite Paint which are prepared in smaller paint bottles packed in a box. Since it is water-based, the consistency is rather thin and watery so you might need to apply a few coats with it on the wall to achieve that beautiful solid wall color.  More than 92% of the paint is water! Hence you will really need to shake the paint well before using. The product packaging is very pretty and it just makes you want to use to paint your furniture, walls or any other objects which needed a new coat of paint.


The secricite paint itself doesn’t have that pungent chemical odor which most traditional paints would have. In fact, the natural anions from Secricite have a deodorization effect which helps to neutralize odor. The surface negative ions on the sericite also help to purify the air by causing allergens such as pollen, mould spore and floating in the air (which have either a neutral or a positive charge) to be clumped together.

Sometimes traditional paint that is loaded with many chemicals can cause the eyes to smart. But not for this secricite paint which is safe to use for all. Their paints have also got the Green Certification Technology label and have been stamped with the Korea Eco-label.

Although I’ve not tried the paint on the walls yet, I will definitely try out the paint once I get to own my very own green home. As an eco-conscious individual, I would definitely opt for eco-friendly paints like the ones offered by DongYang Mining in Korea especially when it has several benefits other than providing a splash of color on my walls.

Natural Power Sericite Paint is now available in Singapore at:

9012 Tampines Street 93


Singapore 528845

For more information, please log onto or contact Allen (9622 9969) or Suliman (9005 6192).

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