You don’t have to spend a hundred bucks on a bottle of miracle essence for youthful skin when you got to do is to use this one secret ingredient to keep your skin looking great. And the best part? It’s super cheap and readily available. Even Kate Moss swears by it. It’s that same thing which keeps your beverages and yes, it’s right there inside your cup of cold coffee or juice. ICE.

Kate Moss claims that her beauty secret is skin icing and she literally dunks her face into a sink of ice and cucumber. During an interview with W, she reveals that she would do it in the mornings. But of course, her glowing skin can’t be attributed solely to this skin icing method. Her healthy diet also plays a part. But nonetheless, scientifically-speaking, there are benefits to ice your face as I discovered more about this method during my recent facial at Ecorganics.

I did an ice facial there about a week ago but it is a customized one, using organic skincare products which are suitable for my skin type. As always, the facials offered here at Ecorganics are customized according to customer’s skin condition and needs. My beauty therapist, Crystalz, paired this ice facial with Phyt’s products, a certified organic brand of skincare products from France. She also incorporated the use of essential oils during the facial to enhance the whole facial experience. Getting a facial there is definitely one of the most luxurious facial therapy experience especially with all the great quality of organic products she’s using on my skin. And also the fact that I am surrounded with all those beauty crystals at Ecorganics’ cozy salon which radiates good energy.


And before each facial, you get to choose your favourite type of essential oil for it to be diffused throughout the room. Depending on your mood, you can choose the type of scent which is more calming for you. I went with Geranium that day as I find the heavy notes in this floral scent very calming and soothing.


After the basic cleansing step, she applied a generous layer of gommage on my face to gently exfoliates and detoxifies the skin.


The gommage was left on my skin for about 5 minutes before it ‘rolls off’ gently with her fingertips. It’s so gentle that you don’t feel anything. I guess I might have dozed off at some point during the facial because soon after the exfoliation and extraction, it’s the skin icing step. How time has flown by so quickly!


During the skin icing process, she would use an ice cube which is made up of crystal water infused with green tea leaves. The ice cube was wrapped with a cloth to prevent any icing injuries such as frostbite.

In fact, this form of cold therapy is not new in the beauty industry. Some salon uses cold facial devices together with a serum or ampoule to help soothe and tighten the skin after extraction. Skin icing also helps to close up the pores and minimize redness in the skin, especially after extraction. Over here, they use crystal water to make their ice cubes which are especially calming and hydrating for the skin.

During the facial, she also performed the Reiki therapy to help release facial muscles and tension. She would place her hands close to my forehead (but not touching) as she channels energy to activate the body’s natural healing process. I felt this warm sensation channeling to the back of my head and the warmth gets accumulated there but it dissipates after some time. Your body will feel more relaxed after the session.

This is followed by a massage and a calming mask for my acne-prone skin. I also did the infra-red light therapy with my mask on. The infra-red light helps promote blood circulation and promotes the absorption of the absorption of all the goodness from the mask into my skin.


From the photo below, you can see that the redness and inflammation in my skin have reduced and my skin looked more lifted and firm. Pores looked cleaner too after the exfoliation step and extraction. This ice facial sure made my skin glow with radiance.



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