Everyday Makeup Look for Droopy/Hooded Eyes

I don’t usually put when makeup but when I do, I often wondered by my eyes looked even more droopy I lined my eyes. I tried to create a winged eyeliner but I can’t seem to pull off that look. It was also difficult for me to draw a cat-eye with the eyeliner because of my almond-shaped eyes which tend to slope downwards at the other corner of my eyes. I decided to find out why and did a research on eye makeup for hooded eyes. I soon realized that I’ve been lining my eyes the wrong way and my eye makeup technique is almost obsolete. It didn’t make my eyes look lifted at all.

After I changed the way I lined my eyes and the way I applied my eyeshadow, I noticed that my eyes looked more lifted and my makeup also looked more refine. Even my boyfriend noticed that too!

If you have watched other YouTube videos on eye makeup for hooded eyes, you will notice that not many women have got really droopy eyes. Mine is pretty droopy! But with makeup and some clever makeup tips, I was able to transform my own look. Do find out how I did it, do click and watch the video below!

In the makeup tutorial above, I used mainly beauty products by Beauty Maker, Reflections, and Cle de Peau. Only Reflections is an organic, vegan and cruelty-free makeup brand while the rest are not. I am still looking for other brands of cruelty-free makeup and if you have any recommendations, do leave a comment in the comment box below!

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