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I’ve been to Hong Kong a couple of times now and it is a well-known food haven in Asia for a very long time. They may not have presented in their dishes in a super stunning way or in an ‘instagrammable’ fashion, but in terms of taste, they nailed it right on that sweet spot. Every corner lies a hidden gem where you can find the best dim sum, egg tarts or their local specialties. When you are travelling in Hong Kong, the must-try food items would be their Pineapple bun (Bo Luo Bao), egg tarts and Yuan Yang tea (Hong Kong-style tea brewed with coffee) at their Cha Chan Teng (or so-called Kopitiams in the Singapore context). Some of the very best Hong Kong pastries and dim sum are prepared in a traditional way using recipes passed down from generations to generations. And right now in Singapore, we get to eat like the Hong Kongers do.

Honolulu Café is one of the latest addition to the new eateries located at the new Centrepoint shopping center. It hails all the way from Hong Kong and right now, they are setting foot on our shores and there would be another outlet opening on its way.


Their signature item is none other than their flaky egg tarts which feature a light flaky crust with soft egg custard which is cooked just about right. Some egg tarts are baked till the skin of the egg tart layer caramelized to give that slight burnt taste. But over here, the egg tarts are timely perfectly in the oven to be baked so that the tart itself is cooked without getting it burnt. Thus, you get this custard-like egg tart which is soft on the inside and crispy on the outside.

Each freshly-baked Honolulu egg tart is priced affordably at $1.80 and I wouldn’t say it’s one of the very best out of all the egg tarts which I’ve tried in my life, but it’s not that bad either. I would say it is relatively quite good as it is still delicious and I find the ratio of the egg custard to the crust is well-balanced. However, if it is served piping hot, it would be even more delicious and appetizing.

Besides their egg tarts, their other signature pastry is the beancurd tart which I find it uniquely pleasant. Their 100% pure beancurd tarts (with no added preservatives or flavorings) are served cold and this refreshing treat is definitely worth a try.

These egg tarts are sold in limited quantities each day and once it’s gone, it’s really gone. And it is best eaten when it is still piping hot.


We also tried other dishes at Honolulu cafe which has an extensive menu of Hong Kong pastries, sandwiches, and even noodles as well.


Chicken Wings with Swiss sauce (4 pieces) ($6.00)

These savory chicken wings tasted like the homemade chicken wings marinated in soy sauce. It is best to be eaten as a side dish to be paired with noodles or noodles.

The Curry fish ball (5 pieces) ($3.00) is also another featured food item in the menu. To me, it tasted pretty average just like eating a normal fish ball drenched in mild curry sauce. Since you can’t go wrong with fishballs, the dish itself is mediocre.


The Honolulu Pineapple bun with butter is also not as outstanding as the other popular items like the egg tarts or beancurd tarts mainly because I find that the bun layer was somewhat too thick which makes it tasted rather dry.


The French toast, however, was worth mentioning about as it was fried to perfection with that slight golden brown appearance. It is further coated with butter and a dash of syrup.

As for the drinks, I tried their Hong Kong-style milk tea has this really strong bitter tea taste and you will need to drink it while it is hot. For me, I like the bitter tea taste which complements well with the egg tart and beancurd tarts. Bt if you find it too bitter, you can add some sugar to it.

And if I were to go back again, I would dive right into their egg tarts and beancurd tarts which are tasty and value for money. It makes a nice treat for your family, friends, and colleagues as well. Or if you’re throwing a party, these egg tarts would delight your guests.


And if you have yet to try out their tarts, be sure to try it out soon as they are having a promotion now. The new “Yuan Yang” set, comprises of 2 Eggs tarts and 2 Bean curd tarts, is selling now at $5.00* only (Usual Price at $7.60).

*All prices are subject to 7% GST.

Honolulu Cafe


The Centrepoint

176 Orchard Road


Opening hours: 11 am to 10 pm daily

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/honolulucafesg/

Instagram(Singapore): https://www.instagram.com/honolulucafesg/

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