During our staycation at Hotel Indigo, I brought my man to try Maki-San at 112@Katong shopping center. I really like the concept where you can customize your very own sushi roll with the delicious ingredients prepared at Maki-san’s kitchen. It’s almost like a Japanese sushi version of Subway where you can pick whichever ingredients you like to be in your wrap. I don’t about you but we Asians love to eat rice. Sushi is also my favorite food. It is very hard to go wrong with seaweed and rice.

How to order your first Maki-San

At the entrance of each Maki-San outlet, you will find this table with the order forms, clipboard, and pencils. You can either order from their fixed Maki-San roll menu or customized your own sushi roll by ticking off from the list of ingredients printed on the order form. I would usually get the large Maki-san (or Mega-san) as you can fill up the sushi roll with more ingredients.

Besides D.I.Y sushis, they also offer house and D.I.Y salads along with some tempura snacks as sides. Their drinks list is pretty standard – mostly canned, bottled or packet drinks. If you are craving a little more than their sushis, you can try out their tempura.

Once you’ve filled up the order form, you then proceed to make payment at the counter and you will receive a buzzer. When the buzzer sounds, walk over to the collection counter to collect your sushi that comes in an ultimate cute and pretty sushi box. It’s so pretty that I would reuse it as gift boxes. You can also recycle it and make it into a stunning pencil box. I guess why Maki-san is a hit with students and the younger generation here in Singapore because it not only tastes good, healthy, affordable and looked aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. We call this ‘Instagram-mable’.


I am glad that Maki-san is expanding in Singapore and there are more stores island-wide. Also, they do delivery as well at Foodpanda.


It’s such a happy place to be in and you just want to chill out here and stuff yourself with sushi.


It’s not your typical Japanese sushi with raw meats and exquisite ingredients in it. It’s just a healthy and delicious sushi roll with salad ingredients that paired so well together.


That day I tried their ‘Very Veggie’ which is a vegetarian sushi roll with Nori (seaweed) wrap, brown rice, sesame sauce, cherry tomato, grilled eggplant, sweet corn, shredded carrot, shredded cucumber, and raisins. It’s wholesome and very delicious when you coat it with a little soy sauce and wasabi. I could eat this every day.


My man customized his own Mega san filled it with his favorite protein sources like eggs and crab meat. He ordered the set meal so it comes with a packet of Tempura Enoki mushroom. The mushroom was deep-fried in a batter so it is somewhat quite oily. If you are going healthy for that day, I recommend that you stick to their sushi rolls or salads.



Have you tried Maki-san? Share with me if you like their sushi rolls like I do!



112 Katong

112 East Coast Road 


Sun to Thurs: 11.30am – 9.30pm

Friday, Saturday & eve of PH: 11.30am – 10pm

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