Trampoline Park : Bounce Bounce (From the Adult’s Perspective)


It gets increasingly more difficult to plan for an exciting and eventful date in Singapore if you want to leave out the cafe and restaurant options. I mean, it is fun to check out new cafes at less-known places in Singapore but it also means that we have to spend quite a bit because cafe food is quite pricey. However, we wanted to do something active as a pair so that we can stay fit. Other than gyming together to exploring parks, we thought we could visit a trampoline park and jump out of our anxieties and worries accumulated during the weekdays at work.

Sam has won a 1-for-1 voucher at Bounce Singapore so we decided to just try out. Even though it is 1-for-1, we paid about $34 dollars in total inclusive of 2 pairs of Bounce socks. They only allow us to wear their grip socks which have some yellow studs underneath for safety reasons.

We didn’t know what to expect while we were there but we just bought our sports shoes and a change of clothes.

When we approach the counter, we learned that they charge hourly and the trampoline park is also run on an hourly basis. So before you head over to Bounce Singapore, we can do a booking online where you select which hour slot you would like to come. For us, we reached there around 2.30pm so we had to book the 3 pm slot.

Each of us was given yellow-coloured tags which allow us to enter the Trampoline park at the 3 pm slot. Each slot is assigned to a different color. For instance, the 2 pm slot people had the black tags. I guess that’s how they ensure that those who paid for an hour didn’t stay longer than they should.


However, before we booked out slots, we need to sign the waiver form online through their iPads. Signing this form means Bounce Singapore is released from liability if we are injured at the trampoline park. The waiver is valid for one year only.

These are the pair of Bounce Inc socks with a very good gripped. We were a little lost while we are there as we didn’t know whether if there’s a changing room or not. It turns out that it isn’t near. There is only the shopping mall toilets near the lift. Right outside the trampoline park are some lockers, seats, and shelves for you to put your non-valuable items.


Their lockers are automated and you have to pay $2 to rent a smaller locker and $3, to rent a bigger locker.

As you can see from the screen itself, there aren’t many lockers left because trampoline park itself was very crowded that day. It was a Saturday and the whole place was filled with kids. There were probably less than 5 adults at the trampoline park including ourselves. It did felt a little awkward of course!


Anyone is allowed to enter the park to watch but not the trampoline zones which were cordoned off by the workers. Only those with the colored tags are allowed to enter. So that means parents could watch their kids and monitor them if there is a need to.


This is the colored tag which we have to wear.


We still have no idea how this park functions but there seem to be different stations which we soon discovered it by ourselves.

This is the Slam Dunk station where you can make a dash towards the basketball net and do a perfect slam dunk with the help of the springy trampoline. We were both amazed at how kids could actually lift off the trampoline and reached out for the basketball net.


The other station is Dodgeball where the little ones are allowed. It’s a game between two teams and you simply have to dodge the ball when it is thrown towards you. We played and we were out of the game in less than 30 seconds. The kids are really good at this! And for us,  we were like – why are stuck in this kids’ playground?


There were other zones like the Big Bag and The Wall where we just did some random jumps as we are not taught how to do any stunts and the staff there were advising us not to try out any stunts if we didn’t know how to perform them.

Our much preferred zone was the X-park where there’s an obstacle race course for us to complete. We need to wear covered shoes for this and some of the obstacles were quite fun.


Other than that, we find that this trampoline park is more child-friendly than adult-friendly. To me, it isn’t worth the trip there, especially if you are going there on your own unless you were taught how to do stunts or you are there to attend trampoline classes.


For kids, this is such an amazing place to run and play because for once, they are able to jump about like a monkey. If I were a kid, I would totally love to hang out here. There are even rooms where you can hold ‘trampoline’ birthday parties. It would be a smashing event for the kiddos!


Overall, we didn’t enjoy ourselves as much as we thought we would. It was probably because there were a lot of kids around and there weren’t much space for us to experiment any movements on the trampoline.  If you are an adult and planning to try out the trampoline park here, I would advise you take up their classes for adults or join their sessions meant for adults if there are any. Otherwise, it would be a wasted trip.

And also, the trampoline mat has quite a rough texture and both of us suffered from some abrasions on our elbows. I had no idea how these kids are able to prevent themselves from getting these abrasions because they seem to be tossing themselves on the trampoline like an egg.


However, jumping on the trampoline can be really fun and it is also a good core workout to carve out some abs. As for now, I will stick to those mini trampolines where you can find them at the gym. The gym I’m currently attending – Celebrity Fitness Singapore – offers trampoline group classes too! Do check out the Saltar classes there! It is more like a dance cardio class on the trampoline and it is very fun especially if you like grooving to the beat. Be prepared to sweat loads as well when you are attending their signature Saltar class. Such gym classes are also more suited for adults. It is not too difficult as well and it is easy to follow especially if you have did Zumba or other dance classes before.

Be sure to register early for a slot because the Saltar classes are very popular!

Why Saltar? Saltar actually means skip in Spanish.


Let’s Saltar into 2017 with a fitter and toner body!

Source: Celebrity Fitness Singapore

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