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If acne pimple creams and extractions do not work, then maybe a strong beam of light might be able to do the trick. When I went for laser treatments at Gangnam Clinic about a couple of years ago, I could only observe minor improvements to my skin in terms of skin texture after each treatment. But now that I have accumulated some acne scars at the side of my cheeks and some recurring acne, I could notice the remarkable improvement of my acne-prone skin.

A few years back, my skin was clear but for the past year or so, I’ve been battling with acne that keeps recurring after every facial. Things couldn’t have been more timely as I had the opportunity to revisit Gangnam Clinic try out their signature Gangnam Laser Facial.


I had a consultation with Dr.Chu where I highlight some of my skin concerns and after which, she proceeded to perform the laser treatment on my face.  The laser facial lasted about 20 minutes in total and it includes cleansing, laser treatment and mask.


During the treatment itself, Dr.Chu uses three different kinds of laser beams. The first laser produces this warm sensation on my skin and the second laser produces this light tingling sensation. The slight discomfort kicks in with the third laser beam where I felt like minuscule stones pelting down on my skin like raindrops. But the pain is tolerable as the sensation lasted for a second or so. And this third laser beam is concentrated at my acne-prone regions, including pimples. It also helps in the exfoliation of the skin.


A soothing mask was applied after the treatment and it really helps to calm the skin. After some moisturiser and sunblock, you’re ready to hit the streets again. My skin looked so much clearer after the treatment and to my surprise, my pimples were flattened out and dried up. Now, if you need a quick skin rescue, such laser treatment is something you may want to try out.

The next day, the pimples all dried up and the scalp forms at the surface of it. On the second day, the scalp drops off and it’s healing really quick.


I also tried out their post-treatment skincare products, namely, the DS cleanser, repair mask and gentle hydrator.


I’ve actually tried their repair mask before which is really effective for acne-prone skin as it helps to reduce pore size and tones the skin. The hydrator is also one product that I enjoy using because it is a gel-based lightweight moisturiser which suits my skin type. This can be used during the day on a daily basis.


I would recommend this treatment to those who prefer quick prep-me-up facials as it takes less than 30 minutes to achieve glowing skin. Need a quick facial before an important event? This is it.

Currently, Gangnam is running a laser facial trial for $48 only for first-time customers.

You book your appointment online at their website:

Gangnam (Raffles Outlet)

One Raffles Place

1 Raffles Place #03-04

Singapore 048616

Tel: +65 6536 8393

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