Love Actually Cheesecake by Cat and The Fiddle


You could hardly go wrong with cheesecakes. It’s one creamy and decadent dessert mixed with a tinge of the savoury cheese. The thick crust completes that whole explosion of cream cheese flavour. The very first cheesecakes may originate from Greece and made popular in America but here in Asia, we have our very own ‘cheesecake factory’ which includes cheesecakes with an Asian twist. Cat and The Fiddle is Singapore’s own cheesecake retailer which is started up by Chef Daniel Tay.

For this Valentine’s Day, I’ve tried out their new ‘Love Actually’ which is a fresh Berries Valentines Cheesecake which is a special Vday edition of their Emperor’s Romance – Raspberry Lychee Martini Cheese Cake. It’s one of the most luxurious cheesecake in their menu with crimson rose petals, lychee, martini and raspberries. It’s also one of the more unique combinations of flavours and I love it!


You will find chunks of raspberry, lychee and cake sponge embedded in the creamy cheese layer. The cream cheese layer is not too heavy and it goes really well with the tartness of the summer berries.


It’s such a wonderful and beautiful cheesecake that spells romance. It comes with a plastic knife and a pack of cake decorations which include these beautiful golden letterings.


It’s best to chill in the freezer before serving because the cream cheese layer melts quickly under our hot and humid weather. This just goes to show that they use minimal gelatin or thickening agents to keep the cheesecake firm and what you get is this pure fresh layer of cream cheese, instead of a diluted cream cheese layer.

Love Actually ($59.90) could be ordered online at

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