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These days, I really enjoy going for hair and scalp treatments. I find such treatments more luxurious than hair colouring or styling treatments because my hair always felt so much healthier after each subsequent treatment.

A few days ago, I was back again at Organic Hair Professional Singapore right at Capitol Piazza to try out O’Right new hair and scalp treatment. I was super excited about it as I’ve tried using O’right green tea shampoo before and I love their ‘seed-in-a-bottle’ concept where they embedded the seeds at the base of their biodegradable shampoo bottles. You could literally grow some plants right after you finish using the bottle of shampoo and in a way, it encourages you to help offset your carbon footprints. I believe that they are one of the few pioneering eco-friendly haircare brands which have been around for several years in Asia. Their home ground is right in Taiwan and they produce the world’s greenest shampoo that does not contain environmental hormones, phthalates, parabens, formaldehyde, sulphates, DEA or artificial colourants.


Organic Hair Professional Salon also carries other brands of organic and sustainable hair products like Nature’s Organic Sense, Revivre, Naturalite and Organic Mode. Their newest hair salon outlet is at Capitol Piazza and I really like how they furnished the whole place.


Like my previous visit to this salon, they would serve herbal tea along with some snacks. It’s a thoughtful gesture as you might get hungry during the hair treatments which can stretch up to a few hours.


Both my hair and scalp treatment lasted for about 2 hours in total. My stylist started off with the scalp treatment first followed by hair treatment.


O’right Scalp Treatment

It started off with a soothing scalp massage using the wooden bristles on the hair brush to stimulate blood circulation in my scalp. The gentle combing actions also help to relax the scalp before the treatment. Then, my stylist applied the Bamboo Anti-grease scalp serum on my scalp with a brush. She would massage the serum into my scalp for about 10 minutes or so before leaving the serum to sit on my scalp (with a shower cap on) for 5 minutes. It contains certified organic Makino bamboo leaf extract which helps to balance the scalp oils and purified the scalp. This serum also helps to gently exfoliate the scalp to remove excess sebum, dead skin cells and any buildup or debris.

The serum gives this tingling and refreshing sensation on my scalp; similar to the sensation you will feel when your skin is in contact with peppermint oil. It totally felt like you’re giving your tresses a decent spa treatment.

Most scalp treatments which I’ve done elsewhere would end at this step and follow by the application of a hair tonic. But for O’right scalp treatment, it’s a 3-step scalp care process.

Step 1: Exfoliation

Step 2: Revitalizing Hair wash

Step 3: Scalp treatment

After shampooing (to wash off the bamboo scalp serum) using O’right Green Tea Shampoo, my stylist applied the Bamboo scalp nourishing gel on my scalp. This step is crucial as it replenishes moisture back to the scalp. In additional to the Makino bamboo leaf extract which also helps to hydrate the scalp, it contains natural pentavitin which provides long-lasting moisturization and balances scalp oils.

Likewise, the stylist took the time to really massage the product into my scalp and at the same time, the soothing massage also increases blood flow to the scalp and absorption of the product into the scalp. While the nourishing gel was still left on my scalp, the stylist did a neck and shoulder massage using O’right lemongrass massage oil. This eases my tensed muscles at my neck and shoulder area and boosts further blood flow from the body up to the head region.

After an hour of pure bliss, I moved on to undergo the hair treatment which is another pampering session for my hair.


O’right Hair Treatment

The hair treatment mask was prepared on the spot with the use of the orange and lemon zest. It was mixed well with the Bamboo Moisturizing Hair treatment cream. It smells like heaven!


I believe that the zest from these citrus fruits helps to lower the pH of the hair mask. This would help to keep our hair’s pH more balanced as our hair is slightly acidic in nature. That is why some people like to use apple cider vinegar to rinse their hair and it helps to balance out the pH of the hair and makes it feels real smooth.


The hair mask is also mixed with some crushed mint leaves. Mint helps to strengthen the hair and it could also boost hair growth.


To further infused my hair with the nourishing hair mask, they used this machine that generates Nano mist to help locked in all the moisture into my hair.

And during each hair wash, they would use O’right’s signature green tea shampoo to cleanse my hair and scalp. I love the scent of it and how it cleans my hair without causing it to be too dry or limp.



I was very satisfied with the overall treatments and I enjoyed the hair treatment the most because of its lasting effects. Even till today, my hair still feels very smooth and soft from the pampering hair treatment session.


Before the blow-dry, the stylish also applied O’right hair tonic (goji berry) and yoghurt hair mask and finally, some golden rose oil on my tresses for that glorious hair shine.



My hair has never felt that soft before after going through all the hair colouring processes which might have stripped off my hair moisture. I am so thankful that my hair is finally tamer now!

As for my scalp, I believe that I would still need to continue to maintain a good and healthy scalp condition as I am still facing hair loss problem especially at the frontal part of my scalp. A good scalp cleanse is what I need to prevent a scalp buildup which could clog the pores on my scalp.

There are many other hair treatments available out there but what matters to me most is how safe and eco-friendly are the products used on my scalp. It’s a plus point when I am supporting a social-conscious brand of products that also cares for the environment too. O’right products use mainly natural ingredients to boost the efficacy of the product but it is not entirely made up of natural ingredients. For instance, their brochure states that more than 89.9% of ingredients used in their bamboo hair moisturising treatment is natural. But nonetheless, it is vegan-friendly and cruelty-free.


Hoping to try out this treatment for yourself?

There’s a special promotion for this new treatment at Organic Hair Professional. The usual price for O’right Yogurt Hair treatment is $208, and for Scalp treatment, $168.

But from now till the end of March 2017, both O’right Yogurt Hair and Scalp treatment only costs $208. If you are doing the O’right Yogurt Hair treatment alone, it would be at $145. This promotion is until the end of March in 2017.
Organic Hair Professional Singapore
13 Stamford Rd
Capitol Piazza
Singapore 178884

(Nearest MRT: Cityhall)

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