Potato Head Folk


Sundate brought us to Keong Saik Street as we wanted to explore the hipster cafes in this area. What got us motivated is the fact that we can save some cash using our Entertainer app. We wanted to try The Lokal or Afterglow but it was closed on a Sunday. Our hungry tummies brought us to Potato Head Folk which I’ve hear great reviews on their fries. This bar/cafe has its roots in Bali. Heard of the Potato Head Beach club? They also housed Three Bun burger shop hailing from Jakarta. The chill vibes and atmosphere here were great. Super artsy-fartsy. We thought that the food is going to be mediocre but it turns out that both food and service were superb. Prices were a comparable to most cafes between on average about $18 per main course or burger. I had their brunch special ‘Kids N Play’ where I get to enjoy a portobello burger with some potato balls dipped with some cheese. My man ordered his usual favourite beer burger along with some Corny fries. Food’s good especially the corny fries. I really want to replicate their fries recipe. Those thinly-sliced potato wedges or fries are born to make fries a food statement on its own.

We’ve both agreed that we had one of the best dining experience here especially when the food is served right up promptly and our waiter was very attentive. Our worst dining experiences at DC cafe and Wildseed were still a nightmare to us.


Potato Head Folk

36 Keong Saik Road

Singapore 089143









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