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It’s been two years and I enjoy swinging back to familiar places which gave me good impressions. When The COMB Hair salon first opened, I went there for a review and I was pleased with their services.

A couple of days ago, I swung by again and this time, for a simple scalp treatment. Since I just coloured my hair not too long ago, I opted for a more nourishing treatment for my scalp. I was also suffering from some hair loss so I thought a good scalp cleanse would be perfect.


I was there on a Sunday afternoon and thankfully it was not too crowded. It’s the ‘aftermath of CNY’ so I guess everyone else has already got their hair done before CNY.


My stylist recognised that I was suffering from hair loss too so he recommended that I try their Oway scalp treatment, an organic hair treatment which used vegan-friendly and 100% natural products. I’m not new to Oway. Many salons have been using Oway’s products for their scalp treatments and I really like their high quality of hair and scalp products.



Over here at The Comb Hair, you can to enjoy some tea or juices. The seating area is comfy too as there are a cushion and a space to place your belongings.


I was attended to quite promptly. The treatment started with a scalp massage with the scalp lotion which gives this tingling and cooling sensation on my scalp. The product is left on my scalp for a good ten minutes or so before it is being washed off. After washing and conditioning, they used L’Oreal Serioxyl Denser, a hair boost serum just to promote hair growth. It was carefully applied to areas on my scalp where hair loss in more prominent.



And after applying all those nourishing stuff, they blow dry my hair and I was ready to rock the world again.


Scalp treatments could be done on a monthly basis to achieve better results. I’m really starting to enjoy such fuss-free treatments which leave my hair a natural shine.

The whole treatment took about an hour or so. And it’s like giving your scalp a good cleansing ‘facial’!


12 Gemmil Lane

Singapore 069252

Tel: +65 6438 3138

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