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Ordering food online is such a breeze these days with the growing number of food delivery and catering portals. And if you are throwing a party or dinner gathering with your family or friends, you can easily cater food for them with just a few clicks online. The best part about such portals is that you are able to compare the prices and value of the various food caterers to get the best out of your money. Currently, the biggest online food catering portal in Singapore is Foodline and they even have a special section for you to order cakes, BBQ and Tingkat meals.

Tingkat meals are cooked meals which are packed in tiffin carriers with Chinese homecooked-style of dishes. Our family used to order Tingkat meals and we enjoyed it as it was convenient, delicious and healthy. It’s great for families who might not have the time to prepare a hearty meal at home. We decided to try out Tingkat delivery again since my parents are now retired and prefer to stay at home to have their meals but didn’t want to go through the trouble of cooking and buying ingredients from the market.

Previously, we have to do our own research for each Tingkat company to find out which Tingkat services to choose from. This includes visiting each respective Tingkat companies website and finding out the cost and the quality of food. But now, it is so much easier to ‘shop’ for a suitable Tingkat delivery service through Foodline as all the prices are stated clearly on the website. There were also authentic reviews written by customers of the various Tingkat companies which were highly useful for me in deciding which are the better ones to choose from.

There were also ratings for each Tingkat companies which really help me to narrow down my choices. There were many Tingkat services to choose from but we found out that only 2 Tingkat services are available in our area. After browsing through the reviews and ratings, we decided to choose Kim’s Kitchen which is also a best seller on Foodline. There was detailed information about the Tingkat delivery on Foodline website as well. I initially thought that the payment could be done online through the portal but it turns out that the portal only allows you to place your order. And your order is also confirmed when the Tingkat company calls you to confirm your order.

The staff at Kim’s Kitchen were prompt in getting back to us. They called us the next working day to confirm our order and also informed us on how we can make our payment. We paid on the first day of the Tingkat delivery and the receipt is issued on the same day as well.

They have the option of packing food in microwavable containers or Tingkat but I choose Tingkat instead as I think it is more eco-friendly to reuse the containers. Our family is also trying to reduce waste so going for Tingkat meals is probably a better option than packaged food. We ordered Tingkat meals for 3 people and opted for 3 dishes-and-1 soup meal combination.

On the first day, they arrived around 6.30pm which was considered quite late. It was actually stated that the food must be consumed before 8 pm. Thus, we requested the food to be delivered earlier and the delivery man made the effort we come earlier the next day. Thumbs up for that!


The soup is packed separately in a sealed plastic container to prevent spillage. The portions were good and more importantly, the food was tasty. It was not too salty, sweet or sour. The soup may taste bland to some people but my family prefer the soup to be cooked this way is lower in sodium and healthier for us.

The menu for the week was also provided so that we know what the dishes served in advance. And this also keeps us anticipated for each Tingkat meal as well. Check out some of the dishes served so far!


Curry Veggie Delight


Steam Egg with Ham Special


Unique Sauce Chicken Wing Delight


Mixed Bean Soup


We were very satisfied with the quality of food as well as the variety of the dishes. The menu is different each day and so far, all the dishes tasted good and up to standard. On our second day, we had the following dishes for dinner.


Veggie with Chicken Slices Special


Fish Slice with Black Pepper Special


Fu Zhou Fish Ball Soup

And after you’ve tried the Tingkat meals, you can also leave a review online on Foodline as there’s a little incentive for doing so! You will receive $5 deposited into your bank account when you leave a review on the website. Also, from now til Feb 28, you will also receive $500 worth of Foodline’s Food vouchers when you placed your order online. You will receive 20 Food Vouchers (worth $25 each) when you purchase on FoodLine from 12th Dec till 28 Feb 2017.

Talking about value for money, this is something you wouldn’t want to miss.

Have you tried other Tingkat services in Singapore before? Let me know in the comment box below!


For more information, visit www.foodline.sg or their Facebook Page for more updates.

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