Valentine’s Day Makeup Tutorial: Fifty Shades Darker (ft. Reflections Organics)


A bigger transition in my life right now is to switch from a trash-filled lifestyle to a zero-waste lifestyle. It has become such an insurmountable challenge for us millennials to overcome as every item we purchase or consume comes in non-biodegradable plastic packaging. The only way to reduce trash is to buy less or purchase items that come with minimal or no packaging. And I often find that the products which usually comes with a lot of unnecessary packaging are cosmetics, perfumes and bath essentials. They are packed in dainty-looking boxes which appeal to the masses. As long as the product looks pretty, the product will sell. On the other hand, there are responsible companies which cut down the packaging or simply use biodegradable materials for their packaging. And when it comes to eco-friendly cosmetics, I’ve always found myself going back to this local brand of organic cosmetics called Reflections.

I love that fact that they come in small-sized containers wrapped with just a plastic seal. Unlike other cosmetic brands, they don’t come in beautiful boxes (which often ends up in the trash bin anyway). And the ingredient list is stated clearly on the label. Since makeup products don’t often last very long, I actually prefer them to be stored in smaller-sized containers which could perhaps last me for about 6 to 8 months. For Reflections, their products have a rough shelf-life of about 2 to 3 years. But it’s not advisable to keep them for too long as possible contamination might occur.

Not only this brand of cosmetics is eco-friendly, it is very effective too. I’ve tried a few of their products previously and I constantly find myself reaching out for them whenever I dolling myself up. I have also keep my makeup products minimal by tossing out other non-organic makeup products and simply just stick to a few of my favourites. This time round I’ve tried their best-selling lip butter and pressed eye shadow which I’m super impressed with. You will only know how effective a makeup product is after wearing it for a couple of days and observe its wearability.


Lip Butter in Wild Cherry

All lipsticks should be made with natural ingredients because women sometimes accidentally consume lipsticks while talking, eating or drinking. This lip butter felt just like shea butter and it is unscented and most importantly, it doesn’t taste bad like those lipsticks which are injected with artificial chemicals or colourings. The formula of this lip butter contains castor seed oil and other nourishing oils like cocoa seed butter and mango butter. It’s super pigmented as well so you don’t have to coat your lips with a lot of the product. Best of all, it didn’t make my lips dry at all. I actually even forget the fact that I had lipstick on because the formula just melts into your lips and nourish it, without causing any lip cracks. I didn’t have the tendency to even lick my lips as well.

The Wild Cherry lip butter is very intense bright red colour. It is matte but it does have a little shine due to the presence of the moisturising oils in it.


Pressed Eyeshadow (Black Jade)

This is a highly-pigmented dark eyeshadow with some shimmer in it. The quality of the eyeshadow is awesome and I have to say that it is comparable to the eyeshadows of high-end brands. The colour payoff is very good and it is also very easy to blend out with a brush.


You can use this to create a smokey eye look too. You can watch the video below to see how I did it!


Mineral Sparkle Shadow in Silver Quartz

This is a loose eye shadow which would really make your eyes sparkle like the stars. I like to dab some of it on the middle of my eyelid for a more glamorous eye makeup.



Above are the swatches of Pressed shadow in Black jade (right) and Mineral Sparkle Shadow in Silver quartz (left).


Brow Highlighter

The brow highlighter comes in a loose powder form and besides using it to highlight your brows, you can also use this as a loose powder to set your makeup too.


Infinity Lash Mascara

This black mascara lightly coats the lashes. It doesn’t clump up easily and most importantly, it is safe for the eyes as it doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals in it.


There’s nothing wrong to beautify yourselves with makeup. You can empower yourself as a woman with safe cosmetics which are also less harmful to the environment. But remember, the outer shell is not eternal. What’s eternal is inside you.

Have you tried organic makeup before? Let me know in the comment box below.

For more information, visit Reflections website or their Facebook Page.

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