What Makes Three Legs Cooling Water So Cooling?


The Chinese believe that some food can evoke ‘heatiness’ in our body and by consuming too much of such foods can cause your body to be imbalanced. As a result, you may suffer from sore throats or heat rash. You could prevent this by just consuming more cooling foods like cucumber or drink lots of water.

A natural remedy for this would be Three Legs Cooling water which has been around in Singapore for 80 years! So what makes this cooling water effective in relieving the heatiness in our body? The older generations have been drinking these for years but less so for the younger generations these days. What’s with the cooling water? Three Legs Cooling Water contains natural minerals like Gypsum Fibrosum (shi gao or 石膏and Calcitum. So Gypsum Fibrosum is a type of plaster stone containing calcium sulphate and it is used widely in the world of TCM as it is known for its ‘cooling properties’. Some people consumed it as a form of a supplement to increase their calcium intake. It is also used as a form of a food additive to improve the stability and quality of the food. And Calcitum (or Han Shui Shi) or Calcite stone which is an ore of Calcium carbonate. It is known as the healing stone due to its amazing healing properties.

So shall I call this healing stone mineral water? On its own, it tastes just like plain water. But now, there come in different flavours.


In conjunction with their 80th-anniversary celebrations this year, Three Legs Cooling Water has launched three new flavoured cooling water – Lychee, Guava and Lime. So you prefer drinking flavoured water, this is one beverage you can grab off the supermarket shelves. It’s quite refreshing especially when you drink it cold! I personally enjoy the lime-flavoured cooling water.


This really comes in handy especially when you just had a lot of ‘heaty’ and spicy food. Doused yourself with some cooling water to put off the ‘flames’ in your body!


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