Bengawan Solo: Batman Birthday Cake


I don’t think I have ever bought an actual birthday cake for anyone before only until recently when I was organising a birthday gathering for my man’s 29th Birthday. He was a fan of the DC comics and is a huge fan of the superhero, Batman. It was a no-brainer for me when it comes to buying a birthday cake for me. It has got to have his favourite superhero etched on it. So I searched high and low for Batman cakes. I could get it customised but I didn’t want to purchase a cake covered with pretty icing and cream which might look attractive but not very appetising since it might be the tad too sweet or creamy. I just wanted those plain sponge cake with some Batman designs just to please the boy. I happen to chance upon these two local bakeries, Prima Deli and Bengawan Solo where they sell cartoon character cakes. But I decided to order the Birthday cake from Bengawan Solo as it is cheaper and they had more cartoon character designs too.

Believe it or not, this 1/2kg-cake only costs me $24. That’s very affordable for a birthday cake! The cake itself is $21 but I opted for extra strawberry fillings that costs me an extra $3. It’s a vanilla flavoured sponge cake with vanilla fresh cream and fresh strawberries chunks in it. It actually turns out really nice because it is not too sweet and creamy. There isn’t too much icing as well and if you want to skip the icing, you can just scrape it away when the cake is served on the plate. There isn’t much wastage as this cake was the perfect size for 8 people.


It’s a pity that I did not take the picture of the cake layers and the fillings inside. I guess I was so impressed with the cake that I’ve forgotten to take a photo of it!

The Batman design on the surface of the cake also looked pretty epic I must say. It’s probably “printed’ on a white chocolate layer with coloured food dyes. It may not be the most healthy cake out there but it’s definitely less sugary as compared to those customised cakes with lots of icing and sugary glaze. It’s very pocket-friendly too.


Nonetheless, I was contented with my choice of cake and I was worried that it might either be too little or too much for the guests. Thankfully, it was perfect. There was no wastage (which is one of my biggest concern!) and it doesn’t come with those plastic birthday tags and stuff.


I would definitely head back to Bengawan Solo should I need to buy a birthday cake for someone. Their cakes come in various designs, flavours and fillings too. And it would be even more awesome if there are healthier-cakes for the more health-conscious individuals like myself.


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