The latest form of wellness therapy in Singapore has got to be salt therapy – a drugless form of therapy which requires you to enclose yourself in the salt room and inhale salt microcrystals to recharge your body. Who would have known that salt has such great beneficial properties?

Since the mid 18th century, people have discovered the natural healing properties of salt for respiratory ailments and skin conditions. Halotherapy (salt therapy) was discovered in the 1800s by the Polish who noticed that people who worked in the salt mines of Poland have had a remarkably low rate of respiratory illnesses. That’s how the idea of Salt caves or salt rooms came about.

Later on, studies have also shown that the inhalation of salt particles helps to stimulate the natural ability of our respiratory systems to reduce inflammation, fight infection and clear blockages in the air passage.  Today, artificial salt caves can be constructed where people could visit routinely to experience this form of natural therapy. It was first popularised in Eastern Europe where they turned natural or artificial salt caves into health spas or clinics. And today, we can find Singapore’s first salt cave at Breathya.

I was there a few days back to try out this latest form of natural therapy at Breathya. Prior to this, I’ve heard of the therapeutic effects of inhaling salt particles but I’ve never actually been into a salt cave or tried halotherapy before. Like any first-timers, I was quite excited and I wasn’t sure of what to expect. It turns out to be really enjoyable indeed and I wish I could have stayed longer in the room!


There are two salt rooms at Breathya – one for adults and the other for children. There aren’t much of a difference in both rooms except that there’s a play area in the salt room for children. Both rooms are equipped with television to keep you entertained. Before you enter the rooms, you can place your belonging in the lockers and then put on a shower cap and shoe cover just before you enter the cave. You should dress comfortably and wear preferably casual or loose-fitting clothing.

Each salt therapy session for children is 45 minutes and for adults, it is 60 minutes long. This therapy is suitable for people of all ages. However, it is not recommended for individuals with infections accompanied by fever, severe high blood pressure, cancer, kidney disease, severe cardiac diseases, tuberculosis, hyperthyroidism and Cirrhosis.


Children’s Salt Room


Adult’s Salt Room


Halotherapy is recommended for those who suffer from:

– Asthma

– Bronchitis

– Cystic Fibrosis

– Allergies

– Sinusitis

– Psoriasis and Eczema

– Frequent coughs and viral infections

– Frequent ear infections

– Skin allergies

– Joint pain and arthritis

– Smoker’s cough

– Stress and anxiety

The salt rooms are filled with dim mood lights to make you feel calmer and more relaxed. The walls, ceilings and floor are all covered with several inches of Himalayan salt crystals. Each room is also equipped with halogenerator which grounds the salt into micro-particles and disperse these particles into the salt room. These salt particles release a high concentration of negative ions which would help to neutralise the positive ions emitted by electronic devices or chemicals. The rooms are kept under controlled temperatures and humidity levels so you will feel comfortable being in the room for whole halotherapy session.

It felt very cooling to be inside the room and the air inside the room smells very crisp and clean. If you stick your tongue out, you will also be able to taste that saltiness in the air. It’s quite an experience! The soothing and relaxing background music also helps to relax your mind and body as you rest on the deckchairs to get ‘bathed in salt’. After staying in the salt room for 45 minutes, I noticed that there were signs that my nasal passage is clearing up as there is some mucus discharge. I also noticed that my skin felt so much smoother.

You also might have some salt sediments that settles on your skin and clothes. You could easily dust them off with a brush or brush it off with your hands. For me, I like to rub the salt particles against my skin as this could also help exfoliate the dead skin cells. You will have smoother skin thereafter.


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