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Taking risks, seeking new solutions and starting afresh are ways to bring your businesses or your personal life up to the next level. I love it when restaurants or cafes switches up their menu every now and then so that there’s always something to look forward to. What’s next? At Brotzeit, they kept things exciting by introducing some sumptuous vegetarian dishes like their Savoury tarts and superfood salads while keeping their popular traditional German dishes like their crispy pork knuckles and German sausages.


What’s new? For beverages, it’s their beer cocktails like Beer Hugo, Caramel Brew and Beerita. But if you prefer to go for something non-alcoholic, you should try their mocktails. I personally like their Virgin Mojito which pairs well with any dishes because the lime simply helps to whet the appetite. For hot beverages, you could try their Dilmah teas or illy coffee.



A trio of Savoury Tarts ($20) made with a delicious buttery shell; baked with fillings of sautéed mushrooms, tomato, and spinach and cheese. This makes a good appetiser or a snack if you just want something light.


Here’s a must-try salad for the health foodies – Superfood Salad ($19). This salad medley consists of 15 different healthful ingredients such as avocado, blueberries and mandarin orange, feta cheese, mixed nuts and seeds tossed with Chef’s tangy house dressing. It’s my favourite dish in their latest menu because the ingredients they used were really fresh. You can tell by how dark and beautiful the spinach leaves are!

When Brotzeit’s Group Executive Chef introduced this dish to us, he talked about sustainable seafood and the restaurant’s stand in obtaining seafood caught via environment-friendly fishing methods. This

sustainably-sourced Pan-seared Barramundi ($32) served with fragrant herb sauce atop a bed of German egg noodles is great for pescetarians and those eco-friendly or conscious-living individuals like myself.


The highlight of the menu has got to be their new Wunderplatte (Wonder Platter $128, serves 6 or more) featuring a whole 1.5 kg Rotisserie Chicken with Crispy Skin, Pork Knuckle, Bavarian Honey Ribs and German snack Berner Sausage. These are pork sausages stuffed with sliced German Emmental cheese and wrapped succulent streaky bacon. This platter includes sides dishes like French Fries and pickles just to complete the drool-worthy feast. It tasted especially good when paired with Brotzeit’s hefty 1-Litre steins of draft German beer. Eat and drink like the Germans do if you wish!


To end things on a sweet note, I would recommend their Dessert Medley which is great for two to four pax. It is a dessert platter of their signature desserts: Apple Strudel, Profiteroles with Vanilla & Chocolate Ice Cream and Warm Chocolate Cake. But if I were you, I would just order their Warm Chocolate lava cake because it was so darn good! It has a good balance of the bitter-sweet chocolate sauce with the soft and warm chocolate cake sponge.


It’s just so memorable. Brotzeit? Try their chocolate lava cake for sure!




Discovery Walk at 313@Somerset 313

Orchard Road

#01-27 Singapore 238895

Phone: (65) 6834 4038

Fax: (65) 6834 4036

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