Capturing the Art of Tea Brewing in A Bottle


Tea-infuser bottles are not exactly new in the market as there already various similar products sold out there. But here’s one tea brewer-in-a-bottle which with an additional innovation – it allows the brewed tea to be separated from the tea leaves. In other words, this allows us to have control over the brewing time. Most frequent tea lovers or connoisseurs would know that when tea leaves are steeped in water for too long, the bitter compounds (a.k.a tannins) in the leaves will be released. Thus, this would alter the flavour of the tea and might cause it to have that bitter aftertaste. The recommended tea steeping time is about two to eight minutes for most types of teas so that the aromatic compounds from the tea gets released into the tea. Some prefer the bitter aftertaste but I prefer aromatic teas with a sweet note to it. To me, that’s the perfect cup of tea. So is this bottle of Twistea by Vitantonio a better innovation than the other tea-infuser bottles in the market? Let’s find out.


The packaging is kept minimal – the bottle is already assembled and it is stored in a plastic box. Minimal packaging is great as less plastic waste would be buried underneath the earth.


There are two openings of the bottle – one at the top and the other at the bottom where the tea filter is found. The tea filter could be removed from the bottle itself.


Here’s the special feature of this bottle – the two compartments in the bottle is separated by a valve. When the valve is twisted open, liquids can flow throughout the bottle, across the separator. When the valve is closed, the liquid is unable to flow from one compartment of the bottle to the next. It’s similar to how water pipe works as well. You can tell if the valve is open or close by looking at the marking on the bottle as shown in the picture above.


Valve is opened.


Valve is closed.


How to use Twistea? First, fill up the tea filter with some tea leaves. Close the bottom lid of the bottle tightly.


Second, pour boiling water into the top opening of the bottle. Make sure the valve is open so that the hot water can seep through and the tea leaves could be brewed.


After a few minutes or so, flip the bottle over to allow the tea to be separated from the tea leaves. Then twist the bottle to shut the valve. Flip the bottle over and that’s how to separate the tea leaves from the tea.


Product Specifications

Colour: Green

Dimensions: About 67 (W) X 67 (D) X 205 (H) mm

Mass: 330 g

Bottle capacity: 380 ml (upper main body 290 ml / lower main body 90 ml)

Material: Body / Tritan (saturated polyester resin),  lid / polypropylene, filter / stainless steel

The materials used are heat-resistant but it doesn’t exactly keep the tea warm even with its double insulation jacket. After a while, the tea in the bottle cools down and the heat gets lost to its surroundings. The bottle is not too heavy which makes it convenient to carry it around. My only qualm with this bottle is the difficulty of twisting the valve open and close. You would need to apply some force to really twist it open. But I would say it’s a rather chic tea-infuser bottle to carry around.

Vitantonio Twistea (SGD 39.90) is available at Massmark SG.

Click the link here for more information on this product.

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