Do You Need A Laptop Stand?


I never knew about the existence of laptop stands until I’ve tried one. Come to think of it, the design of the laptop is not entirely ergonomic at all. Sitting down at my desk and typing away for hours can really add strains to my shoulders and neck. Even with a good sitting posture, I still feel the aches in my upper body. So what I really like to do is actually to sit on my bed with the laptop resting on my cushion on my lap and lean my back against the wall. I often find it more comfortable this way to do computer work on my laptop because my upper body felt well-cushioned. But I know this isn’t an ideal way of working on a laptop and it isn’t a good idea to work on your bed which is suppose to be your resting haven.

So I guess that the idea of laptop stand makes perfect sense to help us adjust our sitting posture at the desk with the laptop. But is that a solution to the shoulder and back aches you and I experienced?

This particular laptop stand I was testing out is by Primero Ergonomics, a retailer for office equipment in Singapore. My impression of it was how sleek and chic it looks! I later came to know that the ErgoSilver Laptop stand design is inspired by an Amazon bestselling laptop stand created by Rain Design. They wanted to create a low-cost but equally functional alternative to Rain Design mStand Laptop stand. To me, it looks very similar in terms of design and material. Both also have a cable outlet which is a hole for cables to go through so as to keep it clutter-free.

What I really like about the design of this laptop stand is how it enables the laptop to cool effectively by raising at an angle above the desk. It also helps to improve airflow when the laptop is elevated. The aluminium panel acts as an effective heat-sink to cool down your laptop ten times faster than plastic or wood. The moment I placed my MacBook on the stand and looked at the screen, I immediately find it so much more comfortable for my eyes to be looking at the screen on eye-level, rather than having to gaze downwards at the screen when the laptop is placed flat on the desk. It’s almost like look at a desktop monitor actually. You might also need a separate external keyboard when you are using this laptop since it will be difficult for you to type at a slanted angle. To me, this laptop stand simply transforms the laptop into a desktop computer setting which is perhaps more office-friendly and better for our posture.

Do you need a laptop stand? I would recommend it for office use especially when you are working long hours on the laptop and if the laptop is pretty much stationed at your office. But if you are carrying your laptop everywhere with you, you probably wouldn’t like the idea of carrying a bulky laptop stand which isn’t that light either. If you prefer to keep things minimal, the ErgoSilver Riser is an alternative because it simply just elevates the laptop slightly and does not require you to use an external keyboard. A travel-friendly option would be ErgoLight as the stand is foldable.

As for me, I was hoping that someone would innovate a laptop stand to be rested on your lap so that you can work on your laptop even as you are sitting down on a floor cross-legged. Leave me a smiley face emoticon in the comment box below if you second that!

It fits all sizes of MacBook and most 14″ standard PC and 15″ widescreen PC with keyboard depths of less than 27 cm.

Dimension L x W x H : 26 x 24 x 15 cm

Material: Silver Anodized Aluminium

Weight: 1.4 kg

The ErgoSilver Laptop stand is available online at the promotional price of $39.90 only. 





Primero Ergonomics also offers super high-quality office chairs as well as back support and lumbar cushions which are products to enhance your office life.

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