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It’s easy to cook up a pot of soup but it does require some time for you to prepare all the ingredients. You often need to chop the shallots, garlic and other herbs into fine pieces before tossing everything into the pot. Who doesn’t enjoy fresh homemade soups – the ones serve in restaurants and cafes? You could now enjoy such soups from a packet instead of a can. No more instant canned soups but Hotsoup!

Hotsoup offers tasty and nutritious soups which are packed into resealable packets. The packets of soup could be delivered straight to your home or you could purchase them at our local supermarkets for an affordable price.

I managed to try out three of the popular soups – Mushroom soup, Broccoli soup and French Onion soup. All 3 packets of soups turned out to be really tasty but my favourite has got to be the creamy mushroom soup with some real mushroom bits in it.

These soups are halal-certified and there are pretty affordable as compared to other pre-packed soups sold as where. It arrived at my doorstep as frozen packs so I presume that it is best to store them frozen in the freezer so that they could last longer. It has a shelf-life of about 9 months when kept frozen and 1 week if it is kept refrigerated in the normal refrigerator compartment. But once it is open, it is best to consume it within the day.

The garden vegetable soup is a vegan option as it contains no dairy products as its main ingredients but its label states that it may contain some wheat or milk allergens.

Although these soups are packed with mostly natural ingredients, some of the soups do contain artificial flavourings. Those soups which contain Aromat seasoning (Knorr’s brand of seasoning) have added artificial flavourings which are present in the seasoning itself. Comparing these soups with instant canned soups, they are much more nutritious and wholesome though not entirely natural and preservative-free. Hopefully, they could do away from the artificial seasoning some day.

For each soup, I garnished it with some black pepper and fresh coriander. As for the French onion soup, I added a teaspoon of mayonnaise to thicken up the soup.


Mushroom Soup

(SDG 4.99)


Ingredients: Water, cooking cream, button mushroom, full cream milk, onion, butter, celery, shiitake mushroom, flour, aromatic seasoning, xanthan gum, white pepper


Broccoli Soup



Ingredients: Water, broccoli, butter, whip cream, onion, leek, celery, flour, vegetable stock, Aromat seasoning, black pepper, xanthan gum.


French Onion Soup
(SGD 4.99)

Ingredients: Water, onion, butter, flour, vegetable stock, aromat seasoning, xanthan gum, black pepper, bay leaf, thyme.


Hotsoup is made available online on their website, NTUC Fairprice and Honest Bee.

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